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Saban's Beetleborgs: The Vampire Files
Sabrina, The Teenage Witch - Ep. 6.1  (Really Big Season Opener)
Saga De Los Dracula, La
Saga Of Dracula  (La Saga De Los Dracula)
Saga Of the Draculas  (La Saga De Los Dracula)
Saint Against The Vampire Women, The  (El Santo Contra Las Mujeres Vampiros)
Salem II - Die Rückkehr  (A Return To Salem's Lot)
Salem's Lot (1979)
Salem's Lot (2004)
Samson Vs. The Vampire Women  (El Santo Contra Las Mujeres Vampiros)
Samstag, Der 14.  (Saturday The 14th)
Sang Du Chatiment, Le  (Rampage)
Sang Froid  (Red Blooded American Girl)
Sangre Del Vampiro, La  (Blood Of Dracula)
Sangre De Nostradamus, La
Sangre De Virgenes
Sangre Eterna
Sangre Fresca: Una Chica Insaciable  (Innocent Blood)
Sangue Di Dracula, Il  (Noroi No Yakata: Chi Wo Suu Me)
Sangue Nas Trevas  (Dead Of Night (1996))
Sangue No Paraiso  (Blonde Heaven)
Santo & Blue Demon Vs. Dracula & The Wolfman  (Santo Y Blue Demon Contra Dracula Y El Hombre Lobo)
Santo Contra Las Mujeres Vampiros, El
Santo Contra Las Vampiras, El  (El Santo Contra Las Mujeres Vampiros)
Santo Y Blue Demon Contra Dracula Y El Hombre Lobo
Sarg Des Vampiro, Der  (El Ataud Del Vampiro)
Satana Contra Dr. Exortio  (Dracula Contra Frankenstein)
Satanic Rites Of Dracula, The
SataniX  (Assatanate)
Satan's Black Wedding
Satan's Bloody Freaks  (Dracula Vs. Frankenstein (1971))
Satan's Daughters  (Vampyres)
Saturday The 14th
Scare  (La Morte Vivante)
Scaremonger  (Jing Sheng Jian Jiao)
Scarlet Countess
Scars Of Dracula
Schlafwandler  (Sleepwalkers)
Schlangengrube Des Grafen Dracula, Die  (Die Schlangengrube Und Das Pendel)
Schlangengrube Und Das Pendel, Die
Schlechte Zeiten Für Vampire  (Tempi Duri Per I Vampiri)
Schloss Der Vampire, Das  (House Of Dark Shadows)
Schrecken Im Marstenhaus  (Salem's Lot)
Schrecken Im Weltall  (Terrore Nello Spazio)
Schrei Des Todes, Der  (Scream, Blacula, Scream)
Schüchterne Vampir, Der  (Love Bites (1992))
Schüchterne Vampir, Der (TV)  (The Reluctant Vampire (TV))
Schwanz Der Vampire  (Assatanate)
Schwanz Der Vampire, Der
Schwarzes Leder, Heisses Blut  (Red Blooded Americn Girl)
Scooby-Doo And The Legend Of The Vampire
Scream, Blacula, Scream
Screaming Dead, The  (Dracula Contra Frankenstein)
Scuola Di Mostri  (The Monster Squad)
Secret Of Dr. Alucard, The  (A Taste Of Blood)
Secta De Sangre  (Kindred: The Embraced (Mini-Series))
Secte Des Vampires, La  (Out For Blood)
Seddok, L'Erede Di Satana
Seddok, Son Of Satan  (Seddok, L' Erede Di Satana)
Sedentos De Sangue  (Out For Blood)
Seduction A Pleines Dents  (Once Bitten)
Seed Of Terror  (Grave Of The Vampire)
Segreto Del Vampiro, Il  (She Lives By Night)
Sensuous Vampires  (Vampire Hookers)
Seres De Las Sombras  (L' Ultimo Uomo Della Terra)
Sergio Lapel's Drawing Blood  (Drawing Blood)
Sete Vampiras, As
Se Ti Mordo... Sei Mio  (Once Bitten)
Seven Brothers And A Sister Meet Dracula  (Legend Of The 7 Golden Vampires)
Seven Brothers Meet Dracula  (Legend Of The 7 Golden Vampires)
Seven Brothers Of Dracula  (Legend Of The 7 Golden Vampires)
Seven Golden Vampires: The Last Warning  (Legend Of The 7 Golden Vampires)
Seven Vampires, The  (As Sete Vampiras)
Sevices De Dracula  (Twins Of Evil)
Sex And The Vampires  (Le Frisson Des Vampires)
Sex Demon Metropolis: Vampire Madonna  (Inju Dai Toshi)
Sex On The Groove Tube  (The Case Of The Full Moon Murders)
Sexorgien Der Schwarzen Hexen  (Der Fluch Der Schwarzen Schwestern)
Sexualite Speciale  (Vampyros Lesbos)
Sexual-Terror Der Entfesselten Vampire  (Le Frisson Des Vampires)
Sex Vampires  (Requiem Pour Un Vampire)
Sexy Adventures Of Van Helsing, The
Shadow Of The Vampire
Shadow Of The Werewolf  (La Noche De Walpurgis)
Shadow Zone: The Undead Express
She Lives By Night
Sherlock Holmes: Der Letzte Vampir  (The Last Vampyre)
Sherlock Holmes - Der Vampir Von Whitechapel  (The Case Of The Whitechapel Vampire)
Shi Gu Chong Di
Shiver Of The Vampires, The  (Le Frisson Des Vampires)
Shower Of Blood
Shut Ga Cheung Dei  (Shi Gu Chong Di)
Sicarius - The Midnight Party  (Les Avaleuses)
Side FX
Sieben Pranken Des Satans, Die  (The Return Of Count Yorga)
Sie Kommen Bei Nacht  (Modern Vampires)
Sign Of The Vampire, The  (Vampyros Lesbos)
Sindrome Do Mal  (Rampage)
Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's: The Lost World - Vampires  (Blood Lust (1999))
Sisters Of Satan  (Alucarda, La Hija De Las Tinieblas)
Slaughter Of The Vampires  (La Strage Dei Vampiri)
Sleepless Nights
Sleep Of Death
Sleepstalkers  (Sleepwalkers)
Snake Pit And The Pendulum, The  (Die Schlangengrube Und Das Pendel)
Snake Pit, The  (Die Schlangengrube Und Das Pendel)
Soif De Sang  (Deathdream)
Solo Für Einen Vampir  (Le Rouge Aux Levres)
Sombras En La Obscuridad  (House Of Dark Shadows)
Sombras Tenebrosas  (House Of Dark Shadows)
Sombras Tragicas, Vampiros?  (The Vampire Bat)
Song Of The Vampire
Son Of Darkness
Son Of Dracula (1943)
Son Of Dracula (1974)
Space Mutants  (Terrore Nello Spazio)
Space Vampires  (Lifeforce)
Spanish Dracula  (Dracula (1931) - Spanish Version)
Sräckens Blodiga Borg  (Die Schlangengrube Und Das Pendel)
Sräckens Stad  (Deathdream)
Stadt Der Vampire  (A Return To Salem's Lot)
Starsky And Hutch: The Vampire  (Starsky And Hutch TV-Series Ep. 5.2)
Stephen King's Night Flier  (The Night Flier)
Stephen King's Schlafwandler  (Sleepwalkers)
Stirpe Dei Vampiri, La  (El Vampiro (1957))
Stirpe Di Sangue  (The Brotherhood)
Storia Allucinante, Una  (The Night Stalker)
Strage Dei Vampiri, La
Strange Adventures Of David Grey, The  (Vampyr)
Strange Adventures Of Jonathan Harker, The  (Vampyros Lesbos)
Strange Love (TV)
Strange Love Of The Vampires  (El Extrano Amor De Los Vampiros)
Strange Things Happen At Night  (Le Frisson Des Vampires)
Strange Things Happen At Sundown
Stress Da Vampiro  (Vampire's Kiss)
Stunde Wenn Dracula Kommt, Die  (La Maschera Del Demonio)
Subspecies II - Bloodstone
Subspecies III - Bloodlust  (Bloodlust: Subspecies 3)
Subspecies IV - Bloodstorm
Subspecies: The Awakening  (Subspecies 4 - Bloodstorm)
Succhione, Il  (Graf Dracula (Beisst Jetzt) In Oberbayern)
Succube  (Def By Temptation)
Sucker  (Sucker: The Vampire)
Sucker: The Vampire
Sueno De La Muerte, El  (Sleep Of Death)
Sundown - The Vampire In Retreat
Superman Contre Les Femmes Vampires  (El Santo Contra Las Mujeres Vampiros)
Supermann Gegen Vampire  (El Santo Contra Las Mujeres Vampiros)
Svengali  (Doctor Dracula)

Tale Of A Vampire
Tales From The Crypt Presents: Bordello Of Blood  (Bordello Of Blood)
Talisman  (Devils Of Darkness)
Tanz Der Vampire  (Dance Of The Vampires)
Taste Of Blood, A
Taste the Blood Of Dracula
Teenage Dracula  (Dracula Vs. Frankenstein (1971))
Teenage Space Vampires
Teenage Vampire - Der Blutsauger Von Der Highschool  (My Best Friend Is A Vampire)
Teen Vamp
Tempi Duri Per I Vampiri
Temps Sont Durs Pour Dracula, Les  (Vampira)
Tender Dracula, or Confessions Of A Blood Drinker  (Tendre Dracula)
Tendre Dracula
Tentacion Diabolica  (Def By Temptation)
Terror De Blacula  (Scream, Blacula, Scream)
Terrore Ha Pelle Di Donna, Il  (Dugo Ng Vampira)
Terrore Nello Spazio
Terror In Space  (Terrore Nello Spazio)
Terror In The Crypt  (La Maldicion De Los Karnstein)
Terror Of Dracula  (Nosferatu (F.W. Murnau))
Terror Of The Vampires, The  (Le Frisson Des Vampires)
Teufelsausrottung  (Count Yorga, Vampire)
Teufelsritual, Das  (Devils Of Darkness)
Theatre Of Death
They Have Changed Their Face  (Hanno Cambiato Faccia)
They Thirst  (The Thirsty Dead)
They 've Changed Faces  (Hanno Cambiato Faccia)
Thirsty Dead, The
This Darkness
This Vampire Sucks  (Dracula Sucks)
Three Faces of Fear, The  (I Tre Volti Della Paura)
Three Faces of Terror, The  (I Tre Volti Della Paura)
Thrill Of The Vampires, The  (Le Frisson Des Vampires)
Through The Looking Glass  (The Velvet Vampire)
Throw Me To The Vampire  (Echenme Al Vampiro)
Till Death Do Us Part  (La Novia Ensangrentada)
Todesengel, Der  (The Hand Of Night)
Todesinsel, Die  (Isle Of The Dead)
Todeskarten Des Dr. Schreck, Die  (Dr. Terror's House Of Horrors)
Todespendel, Das  (Die Schlangengrube Und Das Pendel)
To Die For
To Die For 2  (Son Of Darkness)
To Die With Pleasure  (Et Mourir De Plaisir)
Tod Im Morgengrauen, Der  (Sundown - The Vampire In Retreat)
Tödliche Lippen  (To Die For)
To Love A Vampire  (Lust For A Vampire)
Tomb Of Dracula  (Yami No Teio Kyuketsuki Dracula)
Tomorrow's News  (Outback Vampires)
Tormento De Las Trece Doncellas, El  (Die Schlangengrube Und Das Pendel)
Torture Chamber Of Dr. Sadism, The  (Die Schlangengrube Und Das Pendel)
Torture Room, The  (Die Schlangengrube Und Das Pendel)
To Sleep With A Vampire
Toten Augen Des Dr. Dracula, Die  (Operazione Paura)
Toten Augen, Die  (Operazione Paura)
Toten Der Villa Capri, Die  (The Mysterious Death Of Nina Chereau)
Totentanz Der Vampire  (The House That Dripped Blood)
Toter Hing Am Glockenseil, Ein  (La Maldicion De Los Karnstein)
Track Of The Vampire  (Blood Bath)
Trail, The  (Chui Gwai Chat Hung)
Train Des Epouvantes, Le  (Dr. Terror's House Of Horrors)
Trancers 5 - Sudden Deth
Transilvania - Hotel Do Outro Lado Do Mundo  (Transylvania 6-5000)
Transilvania Mi Amor  (Innocent Blood)
Transylvania 6-5000
Transylvania Sex-Orgies  (Wanda Does Transylvania)
Transylvania Twist
Traum Des Allan Grey, Der  (Vampyr)
Tre Volti Della Paura, I
Tsui Hark's Vampire Hunters  (Jiang Shi Da Shi Dai)
Tumba De La Isla Maldita, La  (Crypt Of The Living Dead)
Tueur Invincible  (Curse Of The Undead)
Turno De Noche  (Graveyard Shift)
Twice Bitten  (Vampire Hookers)
Twins Effect, The  (Qian Ji Bian)
Twins Of Dracula  (Twins Of Evil)
Twins Of Evil
Two Orphan Vampires  (Les Deux Orphelines Vampires)

Überfall Der Teuflischen Bestien  (Rabid)
Ultima Preda Del Vampiro, L'
Ultimo Uomo Della Terra, L'
Ultimo Vampiro, L'  (La Saga De Los Dracula)
Um Drink No Inferno  (From Dusk Till Dawn)
Um Drink No Inferno 2  (From Dusk Till Dawn 2)
Um Drink No Inferno 3  (From Dusk Till Dawn 3)
Una Messe Per Dracula  (Taste The Blood Of Dracula)
Uncle Was A Vampire  (Tempi Duri Per I Vampiri)
Understudy, The: Graveyard Shift II
Underworld: Evolution
Und Vor Lust Zu Sterben  (Et Mourir De Plaisir)
Undying Love  (New York Vampire)
Unearthing, The  (Aswang)
Une Nuit En Enfer  (From Dusk Till Dawn)
Unexplained: The Vampire Myth, The
Ungeheuer Auf Schloss Bantry, Das  (L' Ultima Preda Del Vampiro)
Unheimliche Geisternacht, Eine  (The Midnight Hour)
Un Nuit En Enfer  (From Dusk Till Dawn)
Un Nuit En Enfer 2  (From Dusk Till Dawn 2)
Un Nuit En Enfer 3  (From Dusk Till Dawn 3)
Unschlagbaren Supernieten, Die  (Vampire Raiders: Ninja Queen)
Unsterbliches Verlangen  (Immortal Desire)
Un Taxi Pour L'Enfer  (Graveyard Shift)
Uomo Senza Corpo, L'  (Curse Of The Undead)
Urban Gothic (Ep. 1.2: Vampirology)

Valerie And Her Week Of Wonders  (Valerie A Tyden Divu)
Valerie Au Pays Des Merveilles  (Valerie A Tyden Divu)
Valerie A Tyden Divu
Valley Of The Zombies
Vamperotica: Tales From The Bloodvault
Vampira (1974)
Vampira (1998)
Vampira 2: Abiertas Hasta El Amanecer
Vampiras, Las  (Vampyros Lesbos)
Vampir Aus Dem All, Der  (Not Of This Earth)
Vampir Der Leidenschaft  (Embrace The Darkness)
Vampire (1974)  (Tendre Dracula)
Vampire (1979)
Vampire (1988)  (A Cena Col Vampiro)
Vampire (1997)  (Vampires (John Carpenter))
Vampire And The Ballerina, The  (L' Amante Del Vampiro)
Vampire And The Robot, The  (Mother Riley Meets The Vampire)
Vampire A Soif, Le  (The Blood Beast Terror)
Vampire Assassin
Vampire At Midnight
Vampire Au Paradis, Un
Vampire Bat, The
Vampire Beast Craves Blood, The  (The Blood Beast Terror)
Vampire Blues
Vampire Blvd.
Vampire Buster  (Zhuo Gui Da Shi)
Vampire Callgirls
Vampire Castle  (Captain Kronos: Vampire Hunter)
Vampire Catholic School Girls From Hell
Vampire Chicks With Chainsaws
Vampire Circus
Vampire Clan
Vampire Combat  (Ji Su Jiang Shi)
Vampire Conspiracy, The
Vampire Controller  (Gan Shi Xiang Sheng)
Vampire Cop
Vampire Cop  (Midnight Kiss)
Vampire De Ces Dames, Le  (Love At First Bite)
Vampire De Ces Monstres, Le  (Kitou Scrogneugneu Ep. 17)
Vampire Des Dr. Dracula, Die  (La Marca Del Hombre Lobo)
Vampire De Whitechapel, Le  (The Case Of The Whitechapel Vampire)
Vampire Doll, The  (Yureiyashiki No Kyofu: Chi O Suu Ningyoo)
Vampire Ecstasy  (Der Fluch Der Schwarzen Schwestern)
Vampire Effect, The  (Qian Ji Bian)
Vampire Et Le Sang Des Vierges, Le  (Die Schlangengrube Und Das Pendel)
Vampire Fantasies
Vampire Femmes
Vampire Ficken Um Halb Eins
Vampire Forever  (Once Bitten)
Vampire Gegen Herakles  (Ercole Al Centro Della Terra)
Vampire Gokemidoro  (Kyuketsuki Gokemidoro)
Vampire Happening, The  (Gebissen Wird Nur Nachts)
Vampire, Homme Ou Femme?  (La Strage Dei Vampiri)
Vampire Hookers
Vampire Hunter  (The Forsaken)
Vampire Hunter D  (Kyuketsuki Hunter D)
Vampire Hunter D: BloodLust
Vampire Hunters  (Jiang Shi Da Shi Dai)
Vampire Im Spermarausch  (Vampire's Kiss (1993))
Vampire In Brooklyn
Vampire In New York  (Def By Temptation)
Vampire In Paradise, A  (Un Vampire Au Paradis)
Vampire In Venice  (Nosferatu A Venezia)
Vampire Journals
Vampire Junction
Vampire Kids  (Jiang Shi Fu Xing Zai)
Vampire Killer  (Addicted To Murder: Blood Lust)
Vampire Killer Barbys  (Killer Barbys)
Vampire Knights
Vampire - La Malediction Du Chateau D'Andomai  (Die Schlangengrube Und Das Pendel)
Vampire Lovers, The
Vampire Man  (Onna Kyuketsuki)
Vampire Moth  (The Blood Beast Terror)
Vampire Noir, Le  (Blacula)
Vampire Nue, La
Vampire Of Castle Frankenstein, The  (El Vampiro De La Autopista)
Vampire Of Dr. Dracula  (La Marca Del Hombre Lobo)
Vampire Of Notre Dame, The  (An Erotic Vampire In Paris)
Vampire Of The Highway, The  (El Vampiro De La Autopista)
Vampire Over London  (Mother Riley Meets The Vampire)
Vampire People, The  (Kulay Dugo Ang Gabi)
Vampire Playgirls  (El Gran Amor Del Conde Dracula)
Vampire Princess Miyu  (Kyuketsuki Miyu)
Vampire Princess Miyu (TV)
Vampire Raiders, The  (Vampire Raiders: Ninja Queen)
Vampire Raiders: Ninja Queen
Vampire Resurrection  (Song Of The Vampire)
Vampire$  (Vampires (John Carpenter))
Vampires  (Do Vampires Really Exist?)
Vampires  (The Unexplained: The Vampire Myth)
Vampires 2 - Adieu Vampires  (Vampires: Los Muertos)
Vampires 3 - La Derniere Eclipse Du Soleil  (Vampires: The Turning)
Vampire Sacrifice  (Incense For The Damned)
Vampires And Other Stereotypes
Vampires Anonymous
Vampire's Breakfast  (Ling Chen Wan Can)
Vampire's Coffin, The  (El Ataud Del Vampiro)
Vampire's Crypt, The  (La Maldicion De Los Karnstein)
Vampires De Salem, Les  (Salem's Lot)
Vampire Seduction  (The Vampire's Seduction)
Vampire's Embrace
Vampires En Ont Ras Le Bol, Les  (Bloedverwanten)
Vampire Settle On Police Camp  (Yi Mei Dao Gu)
Vampire Sex - Lady Dracula 3  (Vampire Blues)
Vampire Sexuel, Le  (El Vampiro De La Autopista)
Vampires From Outer Space  (Lifeforce)
Vampire's Ghost, The
Vampires In Havana  (Vampiros En La Habana)
Vampires (John Carpenter)
Vampire's Kiss (1989)
Vampire's Kiss (1993)
Vampire's Last Fling  (L' Ultima Preda Del Vampiro)
Vampire's Last Victim, The  (L' Ultima Preda Del Vampiro)
Vampires, Les
Vampires: Los Muertos
Vampire's Lover, The  (L' Amante Del Vampiro)
Vampires Must Be Crazy  (Fei Zhou Han Shang)
Vampires N'Existent Pas, Les  (Desire, The Vampire)
Vampire's Niece  (Malenka)
Vampires' Night Orgy, The  (La Orgia Nocturna De Los Vampiros)
Vampires Of Harlem  (Ganja & Hess)
Vampires Of Prague  (Mark Of The Vampire)
Vampires Of The Desert  (The Forsaken)
Vampires Of The Night  (Mark Of The Vampire)
Vampires On Bikini Beach
Vampires - Out For Blood  (Out For Blood)
Vampire's Seduction, The
Vampires, The (1956)  (I Vampiri)
Vampires, The (1961)  (Maciste Contro Il Vampiro)
Vampires: The Turning
Vampire's Thirst  (The Body Beneath)
Vampire Story  (The Return Of Count Yorga)
Vampire Sundown - Die Vampirmafia  (Strange Things Happen At Sundown)
Vampires Vs. Hercules, The  (Ercole Al Centro Della Terra)
Vampires Vs. Zombies
Vampire, The (1932)  (Vampyr)
Vampire, The (1957)
Vampire, The (1957)  (El Vampiro (1957))
Vampire, The (TV)(1976)  (Starsky And Hutch TV-Series Ep. 5.2)
Vampire, The (TV)(1994)  (Highlander TV-Series Ep. 2.16)
Vampire Thrills  (Le Frisson Des Vampires)
Vampire Tradition, The
Vampire Trailer Park
Vampire Vixens From Venus
Vampire, Vous Avez Dit Vampire?  (Fright Night)
Vampire Vs. Vampire  (Yi Mei Dao Ren)
Vampire Wars
Vampire Wars: Battle For The Universe  (Bloodsuckers (2005))
Vampire Women (1967)  (Le Viol Du Vampire)
Vampire Women (1970)  (Vampyros Lesbos)
Vampire Women (1972)  (Crypt Of The Living Dead)
Vampire X  (Vampire Assassin)
Vampiri (1988)  (To Die For)
Vampiri (1990)  (Subspecies)
Vampiri, I
Vampiria  (Vampira)
Vampiri Di Salem's Lot, I  (A Return To Salem's Lot)
Vampir Im Paradies, Ein  (Un Vampire Au Paradis)
Vampiri - Prima Parte  (The Baron Of Darkness)
Vampirisme (TV)(1976)  (Starsky And Hutch TV-Series Ep. 5.2)
Vampir Kill  (Dracula Contra Frankenstein)
Vampir, Mein Nagetier, Der  (I Married A Vampire)
Vampir Noir, Le  (Blacula)
Vampiro  (Vampyre)
Vampiro  (The Velvet Vampire)
Vampiro Acecha, El  (The Vampire Bat)
Vampiro Adolescente, El  (My Best Friend Is A Vampire)
Vampiro A Miami, Un
Vampiro Da Noite, O  (Dracula (1958))
Vampiro De Chinatown, O  (The Jitters)
Vampiro De La Abadia, El  (The Case Of The Whitechapel Vampire)
Vampiro De La Autopista, El
Vampiro Dell' Isola, Il  (Isle Of The Dead)
Vampiro Del Sussex, Il  (The Last Vampyre)
Vampiro E A Cigana, O  (Vampire Circus)
Vampiro, El (1957)
Vampiro, Il  (Dead Men Walk)
Vampiro, Il  (The Vampire Bat)
Vampirok Ejjele, A  (La Noche De Walpurgis)
Vampirok Velenceben  (Nosferatu A Venezia)
Vampiro - Paixao Imortal  (Tale Of A Vampire)
Vampiro Para Mama, Un  (Mom's Got A Date With A Vampire)
Vampiro Sangriento, El
Vampiros Del Terror  (Incense For The Damned)
Vampiros En La Habana
Vampiros En La Sombra  (Sundown - The Vampire In Retreat)
Vampirosos  (Sundown - The Vampire In Retreat)
Vampiros Tambien Aman, Los  (El Extrano Amor De Los Vampiros)
Vampiro Suelto En Nueva York, Un  (Vampire In Brooklyn)
Vampir Party  (Vampire Knights)
Vampir Von Schloss Frankenstein, Der  (El Vampiro De La Autopista)
Vampirs Moderns  (Teen Vamp)
Vampir Von Notre-Dame, Der  (I Vampiri)
Vampir X  (Immortal Desire)
Vampyren - En Erotisk Mardröm  (The Vampire Lovers)
Vampyrens Blodiga Hämno  (Theatre Of Death)
Vampyrens Hus  (House Of Dark Shadows)
Vampyre Orgy  (Vampyres)
Vampyrernas Blodiga Borg  (Count Yorga, Vampire)
Vampyrernas Kamp  (Subspecies)
Vampyrernas Natt  (Dance Of The Vampires)
Vampyrernas Slot  (Nella Stretta Morsa Del Ragno)
Vampyres: Daughters Of Darkness  (Vampyres)
Vampyres, Daughters Of Dracula  (Vampyres)
Vampyres... When Life Is Not Enough  (Vampyre)
Vampyrexpressen  (Shadow Zone: The Undead Express)
Vampyrjaegerne  (Captain Kronos: Vampire Hunter)
Vampyros Lesbos
Vampyros Sexos
Vampyr Pa Spil  (Nightlife)
Vampyr, The - A Soap Opera
Vampyyrien Taistelu  (Subspecies)
Vampyyrin Arvet  (Scars Of Dracula)
Vampyyri Yössä  (Nightlife)
Van Helsing
Van Helsing - Dracula's Revenge  (Dracula 3000)
Varjojen Valtakunta  (Underworld)
Varulvens Blodiga Natt  (La Marca Del Hombre Lobo)
Varulvens Klor, I  (Seddok, L' Erede Di Satana)
Veil Of Blood  (Der Fluch Der Schwarzen Schwestern)
Veil Of Lust  (Der Fluch Der Schwarzen Schwestern)
Velvet Vampire, The
Vem Var Dracula ?
Vendetta Del Vampiro, El  (El Mundo De Los Vampiros)
Venganza De La Tumba, La  (Dead Men Walk)
Venganza Del Vampiro, La  (Blood Of The Vampire)
Vergewaltigung Des Vampirs, Die  (Le Viol Du Vampire)
Verilinna  (Blood Of Dracula's Castle)
Verimessu  (Dracula Vs. Frankenstein (1971))
Vestale Di Satana, La  (Le Rouge Aux Levres)
Veteran, The  (Deathdream)
Viajeros De La Noche, Los  (Near Dark)
Viciosos, Os  (The Addiction)
Victime Du Vampire  (To Sleep With A Vampire)
Vierges Et Vampires  (Requiem Pour Un Vampire)
Vierges Maudites De Dracula, Les  (Il Plenilunio Delle Vergini)
Viol Du Vampire
Violenza Ad Una Vergine Nella Terra Dei Morti Viventi  (Le Frisson Des Vampires)
Virgins And Vampires  (Requiem Pour Un Vampire)
Virgin Vampires, The  (Twins Of Evil)
Virus Vampire  (Red Blooded American Girl)
Visionary Ep. 5: The Vampire Tradition
Vlad Der Pfähler  (Vlad Tepes)
Vlad Tepes
Vlad The Impaler: The True Life Of Dracula  (Vlad Tepes)
Voix Du Vampire, La  (The Norliss Tapes)
Vuelta Del Vampiro, La  (The Vampire Bat)
Vulture's Eye, The

Wahre Leben Des Fürsten Dracula, Das  (Vlad Tepes)
Waking Hour, The  (The Velvet Vampire)
Walpurgis Night  (La Noche De Walpurgis)
Wampir - Hrabia Yorga  (Count Yorga, Vampire)
Wampyr  (Martin)
Wanda Does Transylvania
Warlock: Tale Of A Vampire  (Tale Of A Vampire)
Way Of The Vampire  (Bram Stoker's Way Of The Vampire)
Web Of The Spider  (Nella Stretta Morsa Del Ragno)
Weisheit Der Krokodile, Die  (The Wisdom Of Crocodiles)
Werewolf Shadow  (La Noche De Walpurgis)
Werewolf's Mark, The  (La Marca Del Hombre Lobo)
Werewolf Versus Vampire Women, The  (La Noche De Walpurgis)
Wes Craven Präsentiert Dracula  (Dracula 2000)
Wes Craven Presents Dracula II: Ascension  (Dracula II: Ascension)
Wes Craven Presents Dracula 2000  (Dracula 2000)
Wes Craven's Vampire In Brooklyn  (Vampire In Brooklyn)
Wettlauf Gegen Den Tod  (Hanno Cambiato Faccia)
Whispers  (Deathdream)
Whisper To The Wind  (Dugo Ng Vampira)
Who Is Afraid Of Dracula ?  (Fracchia Contro Dracula)
Wicked, The  (Outback Vampires)
Wie Schmeckt Das Blut Von Dracula ?  (Taste The Blood Of Dracula)
Wind Of Death  (L' Ultimo Uomo Della Terra)
Wisdom of Crocodiles, The
Witchcraft 7: A Taste For Blood  (Witchcraft 7: Judgement Hour)
Witchcraft 7: Judgement Hour
Witch's Clock, The  (Dr. Terror's Gallery Of Horrors)
With Hercules To The Center Of The Earth  (Ercole Al Centro Della Terra)
Wolfman Of Count Dracula, The  (La Marca Del Hombre Lobo)
Wolf Man's Cure, The  (House Of Dracula)
Woman Vampire, The  (Onna Kyuketsuki)
World Of The Vampires  (El Mundo De Los Vampiros)
Wurdalak, The  (I Tre Volti Della Paura)
Würger Mit Den Teufelskrallen, Der  (Seddok, L' Erede Di Satana)

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