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Kyuketsuki Hunter D

AKA: Vampire Hunter D

Genre: Animated

Release date: 1985 Japan
Running time: 80' (cover 80') - Source: VHS PAL
Rating: Germ.: 16; UK: 15; US: NR
Main Crew: Director: Toyoo Ashida (The Ultimate Teacher 1988; Fist Of The North Star 1986)
Producer: Ashi Productions Co. Inc. / CBS Sony
Score: Tetsuya Komuro
Writer: Yasushi Hirano / Hideyuki Kikuchi (novel)
Director of photography: n/a


Summary: The year is 12.090 AD. The earth is plagued by vampires!
The world has undergone a cataclysmic upheaval leaving mere mortals struggling to survive in a bizarre, nightmarish environment. Controlling this hell is a motley crew of beasts led by Count Magnus Lee - hungry for his next unfortunate human wife. The stranglehold these arrogant immortals have over their helpless victims is challenged by a lone champion - a mysterious vampire hunter known only as "D". Hired to protect a young villager from Count Lee's unholy bloodlust, "D" faces his greatest adversary yet.

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short review:

This is a great old-school-style anime. You definitely can see the handiwork of Toyoo Ashida, who brought us "Fist Of The North Star". This film is violent, consequent and very bloody. It features some great vampire artwork, and a hell of a protagonist. For Otakus a must-see and for all you bloodsuckers out there, definitely worth a look!

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