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AKA's: Crimen En La Noche / Dead Of Night / Dodens Nat / Morte Dietro La Porta, La / Mort-Vivant, Le / Night Andy Came Home, The / Night Walk / Soif De Sang / Skräckens Stad / Veteran, The / Whispers

Release date: 1972 Canada/UK/USA
Running time: 80' (cover 85'/USA 88') - Source: VHS PAL
Rating: Germ.: 18; UK: 18; US: PG
Main Crew: Director: Bob Clark (Loose Cannons 1990; Black Christmas 1974; Children Shouldn't
               Play With Dead Things 1972)
Producer: Europix International / Quadrant Films / Impact Films
Score: Carl Zittrer
Writer: Alan Ormsby
Director of photography: Jack McGowan


Summary: When Andy Brooks (Richard Backus) returns home from Vietnam... alive... his parents (John Marley and Lynn Carlin) are overjoyed, as they had been told by the State Department that he was dead.
Settling down to civilian life becomes too much for Andy... or is it really Andy? Strange and grotesque murders occur in the town. Murders that only a being of some evil supernatural power could perform. Is Andy now the living dead, feeding off the warm blood of his innocent victims, terrorising even his own sister (Anya Ormsby) in his frantic attempts at staying alive in an environment now totally alien to him?

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short review:

Low budget movie with very few vampiristic references. The alleged vampire seems to be more an undead, zombie-like bloodsucker than a real vampire. The film focuses mainly on the horror of a young man's disintegration from society than on bloodsucking and creature-caused fear. Only at the end of the film they start to disclose about these vampire/ monster characteristics, but the movie then ends very abrupt, and leaves you behind with a fistful of unanswered questions. This is not a good movie, no no, definitely not!

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