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Wisdom Of Crocodiles, The

AKA's: Blodstarar / Brivido Di Sangue / Immortality / Sabiduria De Los Cocodrilos, La / Sagesse Des Crocodiles, La / Weisheit Der Krokodile, Die

Release date: 1998 UK
Running time: 95' (cover 95') - Source: DVD (RC 0/PAL)
Rating: Germ.: 16; UK: 18; US: R
Main Crew: Director: Po Chih Leong (The Darkling 2000; Cabin By The Lake 2000; Fatal Love 1988)
Producer: Zenith Film / Goldwyn Films
Score: John Lunn / Orlando Gough
Writer: Paul Hoffman
Director of photography: Oliver Curtis


Summary: Steven Grlscz (Jude Law), a strikingly handsome London medical researcher, seems to have everything. This includes, however, the habit of gruesomely killing his girlfriends. Steven is a vampire, and he is thus on a constant quest to seduce women in order to feed his blood thirst. The twist is that the women must love him in order for their blood to provide sustenance. A smoothly effective killer, Steven is thrown off track by the beautiful, independent Anne Levels (Elina Löwensohn), who challenges him to balance his good and evil sides. Meanwhile, after the discovery of Steven's last victim, Maria (Kerry Fox), suspicious policeman Inspector Healey (Timothy Spall) keeps close watch on Grlscz. Steven believes his quest for "perfect love" has ended with Anne - but this love may actually kill him. Will Steven be redeemed by Anne's love, and if so, will he live to enjoy it?

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short review:

There are a lot of vampire-movies out there, which interpretate the "bloodsucking" in various new ways. In Lifeforce and Sleepwalkers the vampires are draining life-energy, in Nightlife it's the adrenalin they are after... but feeding on emotions - this is IMHO a very new and excellent idea. This emphazises the one characteristic of a vampire, which fascinates us (especially us creatures of the night) in one of them: The power of seduction. Admit it: We all have our dreams of beeing seducted by a beautiful vampire, so that he can feed on our passion, extasy and love for him/her!

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