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AKA's: Maldicion De Los Sonambulos, La / Nuit Dechiree, La / Schlafwandler / Sleepstalkers / Somnambules, Les / Sonambulos / Sonnambuli, I / Stephen King's Schlafwandler / Stephen King's Sleepwalkers

Release date: 1992 USA
Running time: 86' (cover 86'/USA 91') - Source: DVD (RC 2/PAL)
Rating: Germ.: 18; UK: 18; US: R
Main Crew: Director: Mick Garris (Quicksilver Highway 1997; The Shining 1997; The Stand 1994;
               Psycho IV 1990; Critters II 1988)
Producer: Ion Pictures / Columbia Pictures
Score: Nicholas Pike
Writer: Stephen King
Director of photography: Rodney Charters


Summary: Charles Brady (Brian Krause) and his mother Mary (Alice Krige) aren't your average American family. They are Sleepwalkers, nomadic shape-shifting creatures with human and feline origins. Vulnerable only to the scratch of a cat, they thrive on the life-force of virginal flesh. But high school student Tanya Robertson (Mädchen Amick) takes on the terror of the bloodsucking creatures as they unleash an horrific campaign of murder and mutilation in their deadly quest for flesh...

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short review:

Some say this isn't a film about vampires at all. However - I think it is! Okay, the characters aren't vampires in the traditional sense, but in the movie's pre-sequence they quote that "some people believe that the sleepwalkers were the origin of the vampire myth". They have fangs (okay, a lot of film monsters do have them), they are shape shifting between monster and man and they kill their prey by sucking the life energy from them. Consider this: is the blood, which their more "traditional colleagues" suck, not just a synonym for life energy? Well... after all, it's a well done horror movie with at least some vampire-like characters, and it's good fun. As a bonus you will find directing icons like Tobe Hooper, John Landis and Clive Barker in short guest roles!

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