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Chui Gwai Chat Hung  

Chui Gwai Chat Hung [cantonese spelling]
Zhui Gui Qi Xiong [mandarin spelling]

AKA's: Pao Dan Fei Che / Trail, The

Release date: 1983 Hong Kong
Running time: 86' - Source: DVD (RC 0/NTSC)
Rating: HK: II
Main Crew: Director: Ronny Yu Yan-Tai (Freddy Vs. Jason 2003; The 51st State 2001; Bride Of
               Chucky 1998; The Bride With White Hair 1993)
Producer: Star TV / Golden Harvest
Score: Bobby Chan Dik-Hong
Writer: Michael Hui Koon-Man / Ronny Yu Yan-Tai
Director of photography: James Chan Hau-Ming


Summary: Long ago in China, corpses were supposed to be able to follow orders given by a leader and to "jump" to their respective burial places. However, some drugdealers use this method to smuggle opium. Things are going well until the local aristocrat, Miu Tin, murders a singer's husband as he tries to rape her. He asks the corpse leader to take the body away. Then another man is killed mysteriously, and when the villagers try to solve the case, they find a strange corpse in an old tower, sucking a huge snake. Many people get killed as they try to get out of there, and those who manage to survive try to locate Miu, who, afraid of getting caught, is ready to kill anyone to save his life.

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short review:

Set in 1922's Xiang Xi, Ronny Yu's third film as a director is a mix of screwball comedy parts and atmospheric, Bava-like gothic horror. A lot of fog, beautiful lighting and great set-pieces help create a wonderful spine-chilling atmosphere. Although I'm not sure if we deal here with vampires or zombies - but in these Chinese movies you never know of what nature the hopping corpses really are.

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