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Twins Of Evil

AKA's: Deux Vierges Pour Dracula / Djävulens Dotter / Draculas Hexenjagd / Dracula Y Las Mellizas / Evil Twins, The / Figlie Di Dracula, Le / Gemini Twins, The / Sevices De Dracula, Les / Twins Of Dracula / Virgin Vampires, The

Release date: 1971 UK
Running time: 84' (cover 87') - Source: VHS PAL
84' (cover 83') - Source: DVD (RC 0/PAL)
Rating: Germ.: 16; UK: 15; US: R
Main Crew: Director: John Hough (American Gothic 1988; Triumphs Of A Man Called Horse 1982)
Producer: Hammer Film / Rank Organisation
Score: Harry Robertson
Writer: Tudor Gates (based on characters from Sheridan Le Fanu's "Carmilla")
Director of photography: Dick Bush


Summary: Glamorous, orphaned identical twins Maria (Mary Collinson) and Frieda (Madeleine Collinson) move from Vienna to the village of Karnstein to live with their Aunt Katy (Kathleen Byron) and grim uncle Gustav (Peter Cushing) in the shadow of the dreaded Karnstein Castle. Gustav is a fanatical Puritan and leader of a religious sect - The Brotherhood, feared for their witch hunts and burnings.
At the castle, a mock sacrificial rite is organised. Count Karnstein (Damien Thomas) stabs a girl strapped to a sarcophagus and reincarnates his vampire ancestor, the beautiful Countess Mircalla Karnstein (Katya Wyeth). She sinks her fangs into Karnstein's neck, a vampire kiss and he is transformed into one of the Undead.
Out with her sister, Frieda sees the Count's coach and is whisked away to Karnstein Castle unnoticed by Maria. The Count turns Frieda into a vampire.
The Brotherhood, led by Gustav, catch Frieda and imprison her to await their justice - death by burning at the stake, but Count Karnstein switches the twins. Maria will face the fire while Frieda goes free to create evil havoc. Will the truth be revealed? The Brotherhood converge on Karnstein Castle...

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