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Ji Su Jiang Shi

Gik Chuk Geung Shut [cantonese spelling]
Ji Su Jiang Shi [mandarin spelling]

AKA: Vampire Combat, The

Release date: 2000 Hong Kong
Running time: 92' - Source: V-CD
Rating: HK: IIB
Main Crew: Director: Wilson Tong Wai Shing (Ghostly Bus 1995; The Musical Vampire 1990)
Producer: Cameron Entertainment
Score: n/a
Writer: Cheung Hoi Ching
Director of photography: n/a


Summary: Sixty years ago, a black magic student (Andrew Lin) led a gang of intrepid vampire hunters to rescue his girlfriend, Yin Woman (Valerie Chow), from the clutches of his master, the Demon Monster. There is a big fight and Demon Monster is vanquished, but not until he's sucked the blood of Yin Woman. Some years later, the student (having vampire blood in him, never ages), finds the reincarnation of Yin Woman (Valerie Chow again) and seals her "third eye" so that Demon Monster's faithful assistant can't find her. As the millennium approaches, the planets and stars align once more, and Demon Monster can be resurrected if Yin Woman is sacrificed. But in order to find her, Lin must seek the help of a detective (Jackie Lui) to find her before Demon Monster's goons find her first for the ceremony.

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