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Yin Le Jiang Shi 

Yam Lok Geung Shut [cantonese spelling]
Yin Le Jiang Shi [mandarin spelling]

AKA: Musical Vampire, The

Release date: 1990 Hong Kong
Running time: 99' - Source: V-CD NTSC
Rating: HK: IIA
Main Crew: Director: Wilson Tong Wai Shing (Ghostly Bus 1995; Fatal Rose 1993)
Producer: n/a
Score: n/a
Writer: n/a
Director of photography: n/a


Summary: A crazy scientist resurrects a corpse through injecting a concoction that creates a super-powerful vampire. The only thing that can somewhat control it is the sound of music, especially "London bridge is falling down", which drops the fanged killer into a trance. A Tao priest and his two assistants try to stop it from destroying the countryside.

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