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Underworld: Evolution

AKA's: Anjos Da Noite - A Evolucao / Inframundo - La Evolucion
Underworld 2 (working title)

Release date: 2006 USA
Running time: 106' (cover 106') - Source: DVD (RC 1/NTSC)
102' (cover 102') - Source: DVD (RC 2/PAL)
Rating: Germ.: 16; UK: 18; US: R
Main Crew: Director: Len Wiseman (Underworld 2003)
Producer: Screen Gems / Lakeshore Entertainment
Score: Marco Beltrami
Writer: Kevin Grevioux / Len Wiseman / Danny McBride
Director of photography: Simon Duggan


Summary: The saga continues as the battle rages on between the aristocratic Death Dealers (vampires) and the barbaric Lycans (werewolves). This film traces the beginnings of the ancient feud between the two tribes as the beautiful vampire heroine Selene (Kate Beckinsale) discovers that she has been betrayed by her own kind and must seek revenge. The fast-paced, modern-day tale of deadly action, ruthless intrigue and forbidden love takes her into the battle to end all wars as the immortals must finally face their retribution.
Note: - The sequel to the 2003 film Underworld picks up right where the last one left off, continuing the conflict between vampires and werewolves, also highlighting the beginnings of the feud.
- Director Len Wiseman is not a fan of traditional vampires and werewolves and the older legends. He approached "Underworld" as horror characters in an action film instead of vampires who cower at a cross or at a bunch of garlic. Vampirism is treated more like it's a genetic anomaly or something that just happens in the blood.
- Kate Beckinsale married former music video and commercial maker Len Wiseman between the "Underworld" films. Thus her chair had, instead of her name, "My Sweetie" on it surrounded by tiny hearts.
- Lily Mo Sheen, the little girl that plays young Selene, is the daughter of Kate Beckinsale and fellow actor Michael Sheen (who appeared in both "Underworld" films as Lucian).
- Paul Haggis (Million Dollar Baby ) did a quick polish on the "Underworld: Evolution" script, although Danny McBride received the final writing credit.
- The name "Michael Corvin" (played by Scott Speedman) was originally the intended name for the main character in "The Crow: City of Angels" (1996), which was changed to the name "Ashe Corven".

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