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Hanno Cambiato Faccia

AKA's: They Have Changed Their Face / They 've Changed Faces / Wettlauf Gegen Den Tod

Release date: 1971 Italy
Running time: 92' (cover 92') - Source: VHS PAL
Rating: Germ.: 16
Main Crew: Director: Corrado Farina (Baba Yaga, Devil Witch 1973)
Producer: Filmsettanta
Score: Amadeo Tommasi
Writer: Giulio Berruti / Corrado Farina
Director of photography: Aiace Parolin


Summary: Alberto (Giuliano Disperati), a simple employee in the drawing office of a big car factory, is summoned by his company's chairman, Giovanni Nosferato (Adolfo Celi), who announces, completely unexpectedly, that he has been chosen to succeed him. Alberto is duly flattered but decides to do some investigating. He soon discovers the unorthodox practices and cynical ruthlessness of his boss and finds the secret notes about Nosferato's past AND future life. As the situation becomes more and more precarious, he decides to kill his boss, not knowing that even his boss' murder has been planned ahead...

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short review:

Philosophical mystery thriller with a very gripping atmosphere. In this parabel the vampires are used as a synonym for the evils of capitalism and technology: The movers and shakers of our industrial society try to gain worldwide control by economic power. And though there's no visible bloodshed in it (only one hinted scene), it's a real vampire movie with all the needed ingredients: immortality, eternal life, crypts and coffins. If you wanna watch something different, try this one.

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