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Vampires (John Carpenter)

AKA's: John Carpenter's Vampires / Vampire / Vampire$ / Vampiros

Release date: 1997 USA
Running time: 103' (cover 103'/USA 108') - Source: DVD (RC 2/PAL)
Rating: Germ.: 18; UK: 18; US: R
Main Crew: Director: John Carpenter (Ghosts Of Mars 2001; They Live 1988; Big Trouble In Little
               China 1986; Christine 1983; The Thing 1982; The Fog 1980; Halloween 1978)
Producer: Largo Entertainment / Storm King Entertainment / JVC
Score: John Carpenter
Writer: Don Jakoby (based on John Steakley's novel "Vampire$")
Director of photography: Gary B. Kibbe


Summary: "Forget everything you've ever heard about vampires" warns Jack Crow (James Woods), the leader of Team Crow, a relentless group of mercenary vampire slayers. When Master Vampire Valek (Thomas Ian Griffith) decimates Jack's entire team, Crow and the sole team survivor, Montoya (Daniel Baldwin), set out in pursuit. Breaking all the rules, Crow and Montoya take one of Valek's victims hostage.
The beautiful but unlucky prostitute (Sheryl Lee) is their sole psychic link to Valek, and through her senses they will track down the leader of the undead. As Valek nears the climax of his 600-year search for the Berziers Cross, Jack and the new Team Crow do everything humanly possible to prevent him from possessing the only thing that can grant him and all vampires the omnipotent power to walk in the daylight.

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short review:

Now that's what I call a true "Vampire master". He has supernatural, inhuman strenght, he is neither mercyful nor considerate and he is good looking - in other words: He is a vampire archetype as it in my opinion should be! I liked the idea of a telepathic link between master and apprentice, it reminds me of some clans in Vampire - The Masquerade - this makes him vulnerable, if used correctly (as we old D&D-players know: Every foe has it's weakness!!).
In short: This is a vampire-movie really worth watching, especially in a time, when you're sick of "make-up-protected", "garlic-filled-silverbullets-phobic" vampires *g*!

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