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Vampire At Midnight

AKA's: Dangereuses Tentations / L.A. Midnight / Vampiro A Mezzanotte

Release date: 1987 USA
Running time: 93' (cover 93') - Source: VHS PAL
Rating: Germ.: 18; UK: 18; US: R
Main Crew: Director: Gregory McClatchy
Producer: Skouras Pictures
Score: Robert Etoll
Writer: Jason Williams / Tom Friedman / Dulany Ross Clements
Director of photography: Daniel Yarussi


Summary: Something horrible is happening in Los Angeles - a series of brutal murders, the victims found with throats slashed and bodies drained of blood. The police knows that this isn't the work of a real vampire. But they find themselves helpless in the face of a psychopath so brilliant that he can commit murder after murder without leaving a single clue. Lieutenant Roger Sutter (Jason Williams), a cop whose hot temper and loner tactics keep him on the verge of suspension, just might be the only cop in town smart enough to find the killer - and tough enough to stop him. Sutter begins to discover that the killer (Gustav Vintas) is a true vampire in at least one sense: he steals the souls of ambitious men and women, people who are willing to do anything for the promise of fame and success�

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short review:

A psychological mystery/crime thriller about a hypnotising wannabe-vampire serial-killer. There are some story lengths, and sometimes it's all a bit "clichéed", but nevertheless a captivating film, good enough for some entertainment.

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