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AKA: I Was A Teenage Zabbadoing

Release date: 1988 Austria/Germany
Running time: 68' - Source: VHS PAL b/w
Rating: Germ.: NR
Main Crew: Director: Carl Andersen (as Zaphod Beeblebrox) (Virgin On The Edge 1990)
Producer: Fun Factory
Score: Modell D'Oo
Writer: Carl Andersen
Director of photography: Georg Eisnecker / Roland Wünsch


Summary: A female vampire from the planet Arus tries to vampirize the descendants of Dr. Fun Helsing. With her poisoned olive oil she transforms some teenagers into sex maniac vampires, over whom the crucifix has no power! Only Andrej Tarkowski videos make them shrink back in agony! The vampire hunters soon find themselves "sucked" into a whirlpool of lust and passion...
Note: - First film of "no-budget" director Carl Andersen (credited as Zaphod Beeblebrox in the movie, and as Bjorn Caro Anderson on the video cover), who said about his debut: "I find it much too trashy, but I like it somehow (the sex-scenes mostly)".
- Notorious for his combination of punk rock, German expressionism, and hardcore porn, the director's favourite theme is the desire for love, sex, and the fear of too much of it.
- Ronnie Urini is a famous Austrian underground/punk musician, who has played with musicians from The Doors, The Ramones, and The Velvet Underground.
- Complete titel (as listed on the German video cover):
I Was A Teenage Zabbadoing And The Incredible Lusty Dust-Whip From Outer Space Conquers The Earth Versus The 3 Psychedelic Stooges Of Dr. Fun Helsing And Fighting Against Surf-Vampires And Sex-Nazis And Have Troubles With This Endless Tittilation Title.

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short review:

Well, what should be said about this piece of minimalistic cineatic art? Not much I have to admit. The Vampire-theme in this particular movie is limited to the fact that in one scene a guy bites a woman in the neck (fangs? No, why should vampires have fangs!!), she dies and rises again. The whole movie is one big orgy, with some realistic hardcorescenes (realistic in the way, that it doesn't look overacted). The "vampires" look more like zombies in a 3rd class college-theatre. The only thing resurrected in this movie are the 80s. This is IMHO the only positive part in this ueberminimalistic flick: it gives a glimpse into the real 80s for all of you who have survived this time still lying in cradles.

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