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Thirsty Dead, The

AKA's: Blood Cult of Shangri-La, The / Blood Hunt / Sedientos De Muerte / They Thirst

Release date: 1974 Philippines/USA
Running time: 88' (cover 90') - Source: VHS PAL
Rating: UK: 15; US: PG
Main Crew: Director: Terry Becker
Producer: De & Be Productions
Score: Richard LaSalle
Writer: Terry Becker / Charles Dennis / Lou Whitehill
Director of photography: Nonong Rasca


Summary: The jungle caves of The Thirsty Dead are the new residence of a kidnapped stewardess, a go-go dancer and other young women snatched from the streets of Manila. Ruled by a 500-year-old disembodied head-in-a-box and a dragon-lady high priestess, this cult of immortals can live forever by dining on blood.

Our Ranking

short review:

Mildly suspenseful Jungle-Adventure with nearly no blood-scenes at all. The bad guys believe in prolonging their life-span by drinking the blood of their victims and think of themselves as the Chosen Ones.
Some nice new territory for a Non-Classic-Vampire movie, but nothing you will miss, if you havn't seen it yet.

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