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AKA: Vampiria

Genre: Adult

Release date: 1998 Spain
Running time: 92' (cover 90') - Source: VHS PAL
Rating: Germ.: 18; US: X
Main Crew: Director: Angel Mora Aragon (Vampira II 1999; Gorex: The Zombi Horror Picture
               Show 1997)
Producer: Caspa Bros. / Film Production Goldlight
Score: Santi Cerni
Writer: Angel Mora Aragon
Director of photography: Albert Serrado (as Roberto Serrano)


Summary: Alex (Nacho Vidal), a young amateur photographer, arrives at an isolated lake to test a new film stock. A shriek gets his attention, leading him to the corpse of a young man that have just been murdered by a sensual and evilish woman who manages to escape before Alex can get a picture of her. Alex and his friend Victor (Emilio Lisbona) get the photographs developed but find there is no sign of the strange woman. After joining an expert in paranormal phenomena, they discover that an ancient sect of evilish she-vampires who feed on blood and sperm is preparing to wipe out all the young males in the city. Alex, Victor, and the medium will have to face the truth and fight them with all the forces of Heaven and Hell if they are to survive.

Our Ranking

short review:

This is another vampire related adult movie. But it's not only about the usual naked body-on-body action. They even took their time for extensive, non-adult interludes to evolve some vampire story (though you shouldn't expect a Bram Stoker-like plot), with fangs, bloodshedding, a gothic castle and some nice shots. A bit more focussing on the vampire parts instead of on the sexual activities could have created quite a nice story. But maybe that wasn't their intention.

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