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Bram Stoker (Author)

Real Name:
Abraham Stoker
8th November 1847 in Dublin, Ireland
20th April 1912 in London (exhaustion)


His father was a civil servant and his mother was a charity worker and writer. Stoker was a sickly child - until the age of eight years he suffered from infantile paralysis. He studied Math, History and Philosophy at Trinity College in Dublin and graduated in 1867. Despite of his former childhood weakness he became a soccer star and athlete. After graduation he became a civil servant, a job that he combined with that of drama critic of The Evening Mail. From his interest in theatre sprang his lifelong friendship with the actor Henry Irving. While working for Irving he met an actress named Florence Balcombe (Oscar Wilde's former sweetheart) and were married 1878. They had one son, Noel, born 1879. In England he began writing a series of novels and short stories the first of which was "The Snake's Pass". When writing his masterpiece "Dracula" Stoker was mainly inspired by three influences: The historic model Vlad Tepes, Joseph Sheridan le Fanu's narration "Carmilla" from 1872 and the Hungarian traveler Arminius Vambery, who told him about the vampire myths in the Balkan Peninsula. Although best known for "Dracula", Stoker wrote eighteen books before he died in 1912.


1875 The Primrose Path
1879 The Duties Of Clerks Of Petty Sessions In Ireland
1881 Under The Sunset
1886 A Glimpse Of America
1890 The Snake's Pass
1895 The Watter's Mou'
1895 The Shoulder Of Shasta
1897 Dracula
1898 Miss Betty
1902 The Mystery Of The Sea
1903 The Jewel Of The Seven Stars
1905 The Man
1906 Personal Reminiscences Of Henry Irving
1908 Lady Athlyne
1908 Snowbound
1909 The Lady Of The Shroud
1910 Famous Impostors
1911 Lair Of The White Worm
1914 Dracula's Guest

Uncollected Stories:
Bridal Of Dead
Buried Treasures
The Chain Of Destiny
The Crystal Cup
The Dualitists; Or, The Death Doom Of The Double Born
The Fate Of Fenella
The Gombeen Man
In The Valley Of The Shadow
The Man From Shorrox
Midnight Tales
The Red Stockade
The Seer

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