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Noroi No Yakata: Chi Wo Suu Me

AKA's: Bloodsucking Eyes / Bloodthirsty Eyes / Dracula's Lust For Blood / Drakoulas Tou Fujiyama, O / House Of The Curse: Bloodthirsty Eyes / Japula / Jezioro Wampirow / Lake Of Death / Lake Of Dracula / Ojos Vampiros, Los / Sangue Di Dracula, Il

Release date: 1971 Japan
Running time: 80' (cover 82') - Source: VHS NTSC
82' (cover 82') - Source: DVD (RC 2/PAL)
Rating: UK: 15; US: NR
Main Crew: Director: Michio Yamamoto (Evil Of Dracula 1974; The Vampire Doll 1970)
Producer: Toho Company
Score: Riichiro Manabe
Writer: Ei Ogawa / Masaru Takesue
Director of photography: Rokuro Nishigaki


Summary: In an old abandoned house just off the coast of Noto, five-year-old Akiko witnesses a grizzly murder and the resting place of a golden eyed vampire. Narrowly escaping a fate worse than death, Akiko grows to adulthood still affected by her ordeal, which has been explained to her young mind as a terrible dream.
But with the delivery of a mysterious package, her bloody nightmare is about to recommence, as the horror is reawakened. Soon young women are found to be suffering from strange bite marks and massive blood loss. With no logical explanations, the only possible cause can only be the return of the vampire (Shin Kishida).
As friends and family begin to change around her, Akiko (Midori Fujita) realises that her nightmare had always been a reality. She must once again visit the vampire's lair and confront the monster that has dominated her life, and save those she loves from an eternity of living death.

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