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Chi O Suu Bara

AKA's: Bloodsucking Rose / Bloodthirsty Roses, The / Evil Of Dracula

Release date: 1974 Japan
Running time: 83' (cover 87') - Source: DVD (RC 2/PAL)
Rating: UK: 15; US: NR
Main Crew: Director: Michio Yamamoto (Lake Of Dracula 1971; The Vampire Doll 1970)
Producer: Toho Productions
Score: Riichiro Manabe
Writer: Ei Ogawa / Masaru Takesue
Director of photography: Kazutami Hara


Summary: When Professor Shiraki (Toshio Kurosawa) starts his new job at Seimei School for Girls, he is unprepared for the horrors that await him in the classrooms. He arrives to discover the principal's dead wife (Mika Katsuragi) kept in the cellar, and his fellow teachers acting oddly towards the pupils. Violent dreams of missing students and bloodthirsty monsters haunt his nights, as Shiraki learns of the legendary vampires that infest the region.
With help from Shimimura (Kunie Tanaka), the school doctor, he begins to piece together the answer to the mystery behind the school and the disappearances there. Ancient legends of undead demons and a 200 year old coffin lead the pair to discover the deadly secrets of the principal (Mori Kishida), and his plans for everlasting life.
As more girls succumb to the malevolent force that holds the school in its grip, Shiraki and the doctor must find a way to put an end to the ancient evil, before it devours them all.

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