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Understudy, The: Graveyard Shift II

AKA: Graveyard Shift II

Release date: 1988 Canada
Running time: 90' (cover 90') - Source: VHS PAL
Rating: Germ.: 18; UK: 18; US: R
Main Crew: Director: Gerard Ciccoritti (Chasing Cain 2001; The Life Before This 1999)
Producer: Cinema Ventures Inc.
Score: Philip Stern
Writer: Gerard Ciccoritti
Director of photography: Barry Stone


Summary: Young actress Camilla (Wendy Gazelle) plays the female lead part in the upcoming vampire movie "Blood Lover". The film seems to become a big success, but when the leading man suddenly disappears, all the efforts seem to be a waste of time... The very next day, the newcomer Stephen turns up at the set and wants to take on the role. Everyone is fascinated by him; for Camilla, it is love at first sight. Her friend Matthew (Mark Soper) is the first to notice that Camilla has changed since Stephen's arrival. While observing the uncanny Stephen, he notices that Stephen and Camilla never appear together on the set, and he also discovers the reason for it: Stephen is a disembodied entity in search for a new body - the body of Camilla! Should Stephen gain complete control over Camilla's body, she will be lost. There's only one way left to save her... however at the risk of Matthew's own life...

Our Ranking

short review:

Ahh, finally a sequel that (nearly) reaches its predecessors high quality! Although Graveyard Shift plays in another league, and some of the dialogues/scenes in "Understudy" are somehow not completely satisfying, it is bloody good entertainment for one and a half hours of your nighttime. The main focus is on mental submission and psychic addiction, and, like already admired in part one, wrapped in nice pictures. Nothing outstanding, but worth a try.

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