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Case Of The Full Moon Murders, The

AKA's: Case Of The Smiling Stiffs, The / Sex On The Groove Tube
Sliver C (working title)

Release Date: 1974 USA
Running time: 61' (cover 72') - Source: DVD (RC 0/PAL)
Rating: US: NR
Main Crew: Director: Sean S. Cunningham (Deep Star Six 1989; Friday The 13th 1980)
               Brad Talbot
Producer: Dana Films / Lobster Enterprises
Score: Bud Fanton / Jacques Urbont / Steve Chapin (additional music)
Writer: Jerry Hayling
Director of photography: Gus Graham


Summary: For the past four months, the city of Miami has been plagued by a mysterious string of murders, occurring after each full moon. Each corpse is male, and has been found in bed with a huge grin on his face. Unlike the case of Dracula, who drained his victims from the neck, these victims are drained from a more discreet part of the body. The police department and the two zany detectives, Joe (Fred Lincoln) and Frank (Ron Browne), who are called in to investigate, are baffled. Joe and Frank begin a thorough investigation, question everyone who could possibly have anything to do with the case. None of their leads pan out. Operating on a hunch that the killer is a beautiful young woman, the two policemen narrow their investigation down to a half dozen swinging girls. As the investigation proceeds, the local newspaper begins an investigation of its own and assigns reporter Richard Silverman (Harry Reems) to the case. Silverman, a dashing young ladies' man, joins forces with Joe and Frank, and together they continue the investigation. No stone remains unturned in their search for the killer. Their dedication to finding the culprit gets them involved in orgies, parties and strip poker games, in which they become participants-but "only in the line of duty"! Hoping to avoid another incident on the next full moon, Chief Inspector Barnes asks his friend Nora Caldicott (Ann Marshall), a socialite in the neighborhood, to give a party. She agrees, and all of the prime suspects are invited. On the night of the party, Joe and Frank continue their surveillance of the suspects. Nevertheless, shortly before midnight, yet another grinning corpse is found in the master bedroom. During a hilariously quick-paced chase, Silverman unsheathes his silver weapon to expose the killer, but will the case be solved?
Note: - The film was released in both soft and hardcore versions (although all the XXX footage seems to have disappeared), and features porn stars Harry Reems (notorious for his role as the male star of Deep Throat ) and Fred Lincoln.
- Looking for a project after producing Wes Craven's classic Last House On The Left, genre filmmaker Sean S. Cunningham (Friday The 13th ) took on Brad Talbot's idea of filming a softcore sex comedy in Florida. When the money disappeared, Cunningham was left to finish the project on his own, and brought a number of people from "Last House…" with him, including editor Steve Miner (who would go on to helm Friday The 13th Part II & III) and actor Fred Lincoln. Even some of the music from "Last House…" was recycled for "Case Of The Full Moon Murders", and Harry Reems doubled as the film's production manager under his real name, Herbert Streicher.

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