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Ultima Preda Del Vampiro, L'

AKA's: Curse Of The Vampire / Daughters Of The Vampire / Desires Of The Vampire / Filles Pour Un Vampire, Des / Last Prey Of The Vampire, The / Last Victim Of The Vampire / Playgirls And The Vampire, The / Ungeheuer Auf Schloss Bantry, Das / Vampire's Last Fling / Vampire's Last Victim, The

Release date: 1960 Italy
Running time: 80' (cover 80' / Italy 83') - Source: DVD (RC 1/NTSC) b/w
Rating: Germ.: 16; UK: 18; US: NR
Main Crew: Director: Piero Regnoli (Caribbean Hawk 1963)
Producer: Nord Film Italiana
Score: Aldo Piga
Writer: Piero Regnoli / Aldo Greci
Director of photography: Aldo Greci


Summary: After skipping out on an unpaid hotel bill, a busload of curvaceous showgirls is forced off the road by a thunderstorm. They prevail on the hospitality of a nearby castle, where the reclusive Count Kernassy (Walter Brandi) nearly orders them away... until he sees Vera (Lyla Rocco), a leggy dancer who's a dead ringer for his beautiful ancestor Margherita! Unfortunately, Vera is also attractive to the Count's 200 year old, bloodthirsty ancestor - who's a dead ringer for his descendant!
Note: - The film has been released under a variety of titles and a number of different running times, ranging from 66 minutes (the U.S. reissue print which removes most of the stripteases and the relatively mild nude scenes) to 85 minutes. It was originally released uncut in the US in 1963, nudity intact on the premise that "it must be shown to ADULTS ONLY!", however, as soon as it was sold to TV, it was heavily cut.
- This movie was one of the first horror films from any country to mix Gothic horror and explicit eroticism, and features cinema's first nude female vampire.

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