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Shi Gu Chong Di

Shut Ga Chung Dei [cantonese spelling]
Shi Gu Chong Di [mandarin spelling]

AKA: Mortuary Blues

Release date: 1990 Hong Kong
Running time: 89' (cover 89') - Source: DVD (RC 0/NTSC)
Rating: US: NR; HK: IIA
Main Crew: Director: Jeffrey Lau Chun-Wai (Black Rose II 1997; Thunder Cops II 1989; The Haunted
               Cop Shop 1987; Operation Pink Squad 1986)
Producer: Paragon Films / BoHo Films Co.
Score: Lowell Lo Koon-Ting
Writer: Jeffrey Lau Chun-Wai
Director of photography: Chan Yuen Gaai / Johnny Koo Wah Kwok / Jimmy Leung Chi Ming


Summary: A couple of actors from a chinese opera troupe gets their hands on what looks like a treasure map. In trying to get inside the pagoda structure that's supposed to hold the treasure, they set loose a dormant vampire and it's companions. Now, lead by police chief Yuan Kuei (Corey Yuen Kwai), this group of mismatched people must find the only thing capable of destroying the vampire, a magical sword hidden deep in the pagoda...

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