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Vampire De Ces Monstres, Le
(Episode 17 of 52 from TV-series KITOU SCROGNEUGNEU)

AKA's: Coffin' Up A Vampire / Kitou Auf Vampirjagd
Kitou Scrogneugneu (series title) / Kitou, The Six-Eyed Monster (series title)

Genre: Animated

Release Date: 2002 France/Canada
Running time: 13' (cover 13') - Source: DVD (RC 2/PAL)
Rating: Germ.: 0
Main Crew: Director: Frederic Dybowski (Skydancers 1996)
Producer: Dargaud Marina / Tooncan Productions / TF 1 / Belvision / RTBF
Score: Robert Marcel Lepage
Writer: Tony Scott & Pascal Mirleau (based on the "Kitou Scrogneugneu" books by
            Ann Rocard, Marina Degano & Francois Ruyer)
Director of photography: n/a


Summary: We all know monsters live underground with others monsters and behave - monstrously. This series tells what happens when a monster turns out to be incapable of even minor monstrosity and leaves the family lair to start a new life in the human world above´┐Ż
Kitou is lucky enough to be taken in by a girl called Lucy, who tries to make him understand that he must never leave the room without her. But monsters are seriously curious! He just HAS to discover the new world and cannot resist clambering out of the window, down the drainpipe and rushing out into the town for a new adventure. So life in the human world proves much more complicated and dangerous than Kitou ever imagined. Luckily Lucy and her friend Nemo are usually there to get him out of trouble and, above all, to share his crazy adventures.
The villainous Count Brakula descends on the Trashkins' home to make their measly lives miserable. The vampire wants to have Kitou for supper, but the little monster has better dinner plans´┐Ż

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Our Ranking

short review:

Nice (short-)episode of the French-Canadian animated series for children. The quality is of course in no relation to those Japanese masterpieces, but according to the aimed peer-group of "Kitou" it's made quite good - I've seen much worse! And the little-ones will love the series - even I, not that little anymore, quite enjoyed it!

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