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Tempi Duri Per I Vampiri

AKA's: Agarrame Ese Vampiro / Hard Times For Dracula / Hard Times For Vampires / My Uncle The Vampire / Schlechte Zeiten Für Vampire / Temps Sont Durs Pour Les Vampires, Les / Uncle Was A Vampire

Release date: 1959 Italy/France
Running time: Source: 95' VHS NTSC / 82' (cover 82') DVD (RC 0/PAL)
Rating: Germ.: 16; US: NR
Main Crew: Director: Stefano Vanzina (as Steno) (Banana Joe 1981; Flatfoot 1973)
Producer: CEI / Incom-Montfleur / Maxima
Score: Armando Trovajoli / Renato Rascel / Bruno Martino
Writer: Edoardo Anton / Marcello Fondato / Sandro Continenza / Dino Verde /
            Stefano Vanzina / Renato Rascel / Mario Cecchi Gori
Director of photography: Marco Scarpelli


Summary: Having a black sheep in the family is bad enough, but just imagine one with fangs! The penniless Italian count Osvaldo Lambertenghi (Renato Rascal) is visited by his German uncle (Christopher Lee), but what the uncle doesn't know is that the nephew was forced to sell the family castle to pay back taxes (the castle is now a resort and the nephew is the bellhop) and what the nephew doesn't know is...well, that uncle is a vampire. When the vampirish uncle passes his curse on to Osvaldo, the latter finally makes it with the female guests - but not in the way he hoped to...
Note: - Christopher Lee's first horror adventure in Italy was a spoof of his Dracula role. This was the only Dracula-type role Lee accepted during the long hiatus between "Dracula" (1958) and "Dracula: Prince Of Darkness" (1965).
- The Italian predilection of that time for not using live sound resulted in Christopher Lee's voice being dubbed by another actor for the English language version.
- Befor it's US release, the film was cut about 13 minutes.

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