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Vampiros En La Habana

AKA's: Krieg Der Vampire / Vampires A La Havane / Vampires In Havana

Release date: 1987 Cuba/Spain/Germany
Running time: 69' (cover 80') - Source: DVD (RC 1/NTSC)
Rating: US: NR
Main Crew: Director: Juan Padron (Mas Vampiros En La Habana 2003)
Producer: ICAIC / TV Espanola / Durniok Producciones
Score: Rembert Egues
Writer: Juan Padron / Ernesto Padron
Director of photography: Adalberto Hernandez


Summary: This hilarious spoof of horror and gangster movies, presented in an outrageously caricatured, bawdy style reminiscent of "Fritz The Cat" features Professor Von Dracula, a vampire scientist who leaves Transylvania for Cuba, where he invents "Vampisol", a potion that allows vampires to survive in sunlight. When the Professor announces his intention to donate the "Vampisol" formula free of charge to vampires all over the world, the Vampire Mafia from Chicago and the European Group of Vampires from Düsseldorf Germany try to muscle in and steal the formula. The action escalates crazily as an assortment of bad guys, police, vampires and other monsters and our hero with his girlfriend are all caught up in the chase.

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short review:

Very funny animated film (though the animation quality can't be compared with nowadays Japanese anime style) that portrais an international vampire subculture (artificial indoor vampire beaches, vampire dogs, various Mafia-like vampire organizations...), where the vampires are a symbol for capitalism - hey, it's from Cuba! Definitely a great deal of fun and a nice variety of the usual theme.

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