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Grave Of The Vampire

AKA's: Bebe Vampire / Enfants De Frankenstein, Les / Gruft Der Dämonen, Die / Gruft Des Grauens, Die / Seed Of Terror / Tumba Del Vampiro, La

Release date: 1972 USA
Running time: 84' (cover 86') - Source: VHS PAL
Rating: Germ.: 18; UK: 18; US: PG
Main Crew: Director: John Hayes (End Of The World 1977; Garden Of The Dead 1972; Dream No
               Evil 1970; The Cut-Throats 1969)
Producer: Clover Films Inc.
Score: Jaime Mendoza-Nava
Writer: John Hayes / David Chase (based on his novel "The Still Life")
Director of photography: Paul Hipp


Summary: In a dark, deserted graveyard populated almost exclusively by rotting corpses, lies a 400 year old creature more undead than alive. It's been some time since he last fed and now he's hungry again - but this time he wants something more than blood!
Disturbed by an amorous couple he ventures from the grave to bequeath his horrific legacy; killing the boyfriend and planting the seed for his son and heir - a half-breed doomed to live in purgatory.
Years later, understanding his true nature, the half-human vampire seeks to wreak his vengeance against his blood-sucking father, culminating in a bloodthirsty and apocalyptic confrontation that goes straight for the jugular!

Our Ranking

short review:

Good story, bad actors, lousy execution - it's as simple as that. The intriguing back-cover plot seemed promising, but alas, this is definitely no Hammer movie. I've seen better actors in school plays, the same goes for the sets and costumes. The ending is OK (though not really innovative) - but again, only the idea of it, not the scene itself.

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