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Doctor Dracula

AKA's: Lucifer's Women / Svengali

Release date: 1981 USA
Running time: 91' (cover 91') - Source: DVD (RC 1/NTSC)
Rating: US: NR
Main Crew: Director: Paul Aratow
               Al Adamson (new footage) (I Spit On Your Corpse 1974; Blood Of Ghastly
               Horror 1972; Blood Of Dracula's Castle 1969)
Producer: Rafael Film Associates
Score: n/a
Writer: Paul Aratow / Cecil Brown / Gary Reathman / Samuel M. Sherman
Director of photography: Gary Graver / Robbie Greenberg


Summary: Though his readers find it hard to believe, prominent author John Wainwright (Larry Hankin) claims in his books to be the reincarnation of famed magician and mind controller Svengali. The black magic forces of Radcliff (John Carradine) allow Wainwright to stage the ritual sacrifice of his newest Trilby, which leads to a bizarre confrontation with the strange Dr. Gregorio (Geoffrey Land) - who is actually the long undead Count Dracula.
Leaving in his wake a litter of drained corpses and undead vampire women who act as his slaves, Gregorio continues on his endless, evil journey in this startling shocker, which incorporates footage from "Lucifer's Women".

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