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Maciste Contro Il Vampiro

AKA's: Goliath And The Island Of Vampires / Goliath And The Vampires / Maciste Contre Le Fantome / Macistes Grösstes Abenteuer / Maciste Vs. The Vampire / Punos De Hierro / Vampires, The (1961)

Release date: 1961 Italy
Running time: 91' (cover 91') - Source: VHS NTSC
Rating: Germ.: 16; US: NR
Main Crew: Director: Giacomo Gentilomo (Hercules Against The Moon Men 1964)
               Sergio Corbucci (Super Fuzz 1980; The Big Silence 1968; Django 1966)
Producer: Ambrosiana Cinematografica
Score: Angelo Francesco Lavagnino
Writer: Sergio Corbucci / Duccio Tessari
Director of photography: Alvaro Mancori


Summary: Maciste's (Gordon Scott) village is pillaged by pirates. All the men of the village are brutally murdered, whilst the women are taken captive. As Maciste attempts to rescue his sister (who was amongst those kidnapped) from the clutches of Sultan Abdul (Mario Feliciani), who is controlled by Kobrak (Guido Celano), an evil vampire being, he soon uncovers a diabolical scheme. Kobrak needs blood for an army of zombie-like faceless soldiers he is creating to take over the world. Along the way, Maciste must use his strength to overcome hordes of Kobrak's human guards before a finale where the zombie army is unleashed as his lair is penetrated. The climax sees Maciste facing himself in a battle of brute strength, as Kobrak has assumed the muscle man's identity in an attempt to make him the ultimate slave.
Note: - "Maciste" was renamed "Goliath" for American audiences.
- Former infantry drill instructor/fireman/cowboy/lifeguard Gordon Scott played "Tarzan" six times between 1955 and 1960.
- Director Sergio Corbucci is renowned for his spaghetti westerns, including "Django" (1966), "The Great Silence" (1968), and "Companeros" (1970).

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