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Onna Kyuketsuki

AKA's: Lady Vampire, The / Vampire Man / Woman Vampire, The

Release date: 1959 Japan
Running time: 78' (cover 78') - Source: DVD (RC 1/NTSC) b/w
Rating: US: NR
Main Crew: Director: Nobuo Nakagawa (Jigoku 1960; Black Cat Mansion 1958; Vampire Moth 1956)
Producer: Shintoho Company
Score: Hisashi Inoue
Writer: Shin Nakazawa / Katsuyoshi Nakatsu (based on Sotoo Tachibana's novel
            "Chitei-no Biniko")
Director of photography: Yoshimi Hirano


Summary: Miwako (Youko Mihara), the wife of an atomic scientist, who was missing for 20 years, returns with the same beauty she had when she went missing. Around the same time a mysterious man named Nobutaka (Shigeru Amachi) appears. Nobutaka kidnaps Miwako, whom he believes to be the second incarnation of his former soulmate, and carries her into his subterrianian laboratory where he locks her in a cell. She refuses his advances so he turns her into a wax doll. But her daughter (Junko Ikeuchi) and her boyfriend come to rescue her.
Note: - This was the first Japanese horror movie to feature a vampire as the protagonist, although this vampire is very different from the Western type (a strictly local variety which was even allergic to moonbeams).

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