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House That Dripped Blood, The

AKA's: Casa Che Grondava Sangue, La / Dom Wampirow / Maison Qui Tue, La / Mansion De Los Crímenes, La / Mansion Embrujada / Totentanz Der Vampire

Release date: 1971 UK
Running time: 97' (cover 101') - Source: VHS PAL
Rating: Germ.: 16; UK: 15; US: PG
Main Crew: Director: Peter Duffell (King Of The Wind 1989; Inside Out 1975)
Producer: Amicus
Score: Michael Dress
Writer: Robert Bloch / Russ Jones
Director of photography: Ray Parslow


Summary: Paul Henderson (Jon Pertwee), last tenant of a mysterious mansion, has disappeared on strange ways. He's a horror-movie star and an expert for the supernatural. During the shooting for a vampire movie, he buys a cloak as a costume in a moldered old shop. But this cloak changes him: he bites his colleague Carla (Ingrid Pitt) during the shooting, he suddenly awakens at midnight, and he discovers vampire fangs on himself. Carla is mocking him and invites him to demonstrate his changes at midnight - and nothing happens. But Paul then gets to know the horrible reason for it...
Investigating superintendent Holloway (John Bennett) learns all about the former tennants' and the mansion's secrets during his many visits of the building.

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short review:

Anthology of four episodes revolving around an old and mystified house, linked by a surrounding storyline. Only the last episode (The Cloak ) - the most comedy-like, but very amusing - is about vampires, while the other three are on mystery/crime topics. If you presumed Christopher Lee to be the vampire "hero", you're wrong! He didn't even appear in the same episode as his usual counterpart Peter Cushing, who also dosn't incorporate in his Van Helsing role.

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