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Terrore Nello Spazio

AKA's: Demon Planet / Haunted Planet, The / Haunted World, The / Outlawed Planet, The / Planeta Dos Vampiros, O / Planet Der Vampire / Planete Des Vampires, La / Planet Of Blood / Planet Of Terror, The / Planet Of The Damned, The / Planet Of The Vampires / Schrecken Im Weltall / Space Mutants / Terror En El Espacio / Terror In Space

Release date: 1965 Italy/Spain
Running time: 88' (cover 88') - Source: DVD (RC 0/NTSC)
Rating: Germ.: 12; UK: 15; US: NR
Main Crew: Director: Mario Bava (Baron Blood 1972; Operazione Paura 1966; I Vampiri 1956)
Producer: Castilla Cinematografica / Italian International Film
Score: Gino Marinuzzi Jr. / Antonio Perez Olea
Writer: Mario Bava / Alberto Bevilacqua / Callisto Cosulich / Antonio Roman /
            Rafael J. Salvia (based on the short story "One Night Of 21 Hours" by Renato
Director of photography: Antonio Perez Olea / Antonio Rinaldi / Mario Bava


Summary: Strange things happen when the spaceship Argos goes out of control and crash lands on the planet Aura. Several of the crew seem to go temporarily berserk and attack their friends. Upon landing they find that their sister ship has crashed with all lives lost. The bodies indicate that the crew has killed each other off in violent struggles.
The members of the current expedition start to die or vanish one by one. Finally the Captain of the ship (Barry Sullivan) solves the diabolical mystery of the planet. It is inhabited by advanced minds who have been seeking bodies in order to escape from their planet.
The surviving crew must foil the aliens' plans and try to escape back to their home planet, or be invaded by these minds without bodies!
Note: - This film (based on a story first published in the European sci-fi magazine "Interplanet", and one of the few occasions when Mario Bava ventured into science-fiction) is known for a considerable influence upon Ridley Scott's "Alien" (1979), as there are many obvious similarities: the attentions of the crews of both films are attracted by mysterious radio signals originating from a misty, dark planet, where they find an U-shaped wrecked spacecraft and skeletal remains of giant aliens, and there is an unknown predatory alien presence in both films.
- The Italian/Spanish production, originally titled "Terrore Nello Spazio" - which is much more fitting - was renamed for the US release as "Planet Of The Vampires" (the best-known of this film's many titles), which is misleading since the movie features zombie like undead aliens and has not a single vampire in it.
- The American AIP version (which had trimmed scenes while recutting others longer), running several minutes shorter than the original, was put together by Ib Melchior ("The Angry Red Planet"). His final script was titled "The Outlaw Planet".
- Parts of the sets from another Mario Bava movie ("Hercules Vs. The Vampires") were used, and the scenes with the Argos landing on the planet were filmed in an underwater tank.
- The film should not be confused with "Queen Of Blood" (1969), also named "Planet Of The Vampires" as an alternative title.

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