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Vampiri, I

AKA's: Devil's Commandment, The / Evil's Commandment / Lady Vampire / Lust Of The Vampire / Vampires, Les / Vampiros, Los / Vampires, The / Vampir Von Notre-Dame, Der

Release date: 1956 Italy
Running time: 78' (cover 78') - Source: DVD (RC 1/NTSC) b/w
Rating: Germ.: 16; UK: X; US: NR
Main Crew: Director: Riccardo Freda (Delirium 1981; The Ghost 1963; The Horrible Dr. Hichcock
               1962; Caltiki The Undying Monster 1959)
               Mario Bava (Baron Blood 1972; Operazione Paura 1966; Black Sunday 1960)
Producer: Titanus / Athena Cinematographica
Score: Roman Vlad / Franco Mannino
Writer: Piero Regnoli / Rik Sjöstrom / Riccardo Freda / J.V. Rhemo
Director of photography: Mario Bava


Summary: When the French police discover the blood-drained bodies of young women floating in the river Seine, journalist Pierre Lantin (Dario Michaelis) undertakes a personal investigation into the "Vampire Murders". His work is forever being interrupted by the unwanted advances of Giselle (Gianna Maria Canale), the beautiful and wealthy niece of the Duchess Du Grand - who, unknown to him, is, in fact, the vampire ringleader of a criminal underground of mad scientists and re-animated corpses, devoted to keeping her forever young!
Note: - It was the (uncredited) directing debut of prolific cinematographer, Mario Bava, and became the first Italian horror film since the silent era.
- The original director, Riccardo Freda, had captured the first half of the film in 10 days of filming. The producers had agreed to a 12 day shoot and were not about to go over that. Bava was the cinematographer on the film and was asked if he could finish the movie in 2 days (He performed the same duties on Freda's "Caltiki" (1959)).
- The story is an original interpretation of the Elizabeth Bathory myth, set in present-day (i.e. mid-1950s) Paris.
- In a scene deleted from the movie at the request of Italian censors, the killer is executed by guillotine. The doctor retrieves the head, places it on another body, and brings the killer back to life. You can still see the suture wounds on the killer's neck (in the interrogation scene at Police Headquarters) if you look closely.
- The American distributors shortened the film, additional footage of unknown origin was inserted (this footage featured an opening sequence where a woman prepares for a bath and slips into her tub - while a killer silently stalks her. And it featured an extended sequence where a distraught woman runs to a bar after an apparent encounter with an overly amorous boyfriend - and a black-gloved killer stalks her as she calls her boyfriend and apologizes), and released it as an adults only feature (starring Al Lewis and Ronny & Joy Holliday) as "The Devil's Commandment". Furthermore, the American dubbed release completely altered huge chunks of dialogue.

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