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Vlad Tepes

AKA's: Vlad Der Pfähler / Vlad L'Impalatore / Vlad The Impaler: The True Life Of Dracula / Vraie Vie De Dracula, La / Wahre Leben Des Fürsten Dracula, Das

Release date: 1979 Romania
Running time: 132' (cover 136') - Source: VHS PAL
Rating: Germ.: NR
Main Crew: Director: Doru Nastase (The Yellow Rose 1982; The Independence War 1977)
Producer: Buccuresti Film Producti / Bureau of National Defense, SRR
Score: Tiberiu Olah
Writer: Mircea Mohor
Director of photography: Aurel Kostrachievici


Summary: The "true" story of Vlad the Impaler, known as Dracula.
In 1457 the armies of the Ottoman Empire under Mahomet II were on the attack and preparing to invade Europe. With the death of its leader Iancu, Wallachia seemed ripe for picking. But the courageous Vlad (Stefan Sileanu) managed to put together an army and tried to unite the fallen-out country with incredible cruelty to hold his ground against the superior enemys. He established a special form of punishment: death by impalement. Thousands of his enemies died at the stake, and he entered history by the name of Dracula, Son of the Devil.
This film, based on historical facts, portrays the real life of Count Vlad Tepes Wojwode of Walachei III, Son of Vlad Dracul II... aka Count Dracula.

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short review:

This film ain't a movie about vampires, oh no, it really is not! It is more something like the "Braveheart" for the Vampire community. But as it tells the historical story of Vlad Tepes, which later spawned the infamous blood-sucker character, we believe that it should be of high interest for every vampire fan. Besides, it is very well executed, in a good oldfashioned sandals-and-swords manner, with lots and lots of bit players, old castles and horses. Watch it for the historical background it delievers, it's a good diversion from Schreck, Lugosi, Lee and company.

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