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Zhuo Gui Da Shi

AKA's: Ninja Vampire Busters / Vampire Buster

Release date: 1990 Hong Kong
Running time: 94' (cover 94') - Source: DVD (RC 0/NTSC)
Rating: UK: 18; HK: IIA
Main Crew: Director: Norman Law (A Hearty Response 1986; Sweet & Sour Cops 1981)
               Stanley Wing Siu (The Dying Run 1993; Avenging Quartet 1992)
Producer: In-Gear Films
Score: The Melody Bank
Writer: Barry Wong / King Wong / Jeff Yuen
Director of photography: Charlie Lau / Peter Ngau / Fai Lin


Summary: When the world is in the grip of the devil's Ninja Vampire force and ultimate devil possession, who ya gonna call? - NINJA VAMPIRE BUSTERS! Versed in the ancient oriental arts of vampire busting, these boys are the world's only hope of salvation against the evil Ninja Vampires.
A Great Priest trapped an evil spirit in a vase and sealed it with a charm. The pottery re-appears at an auction in modern Hong Kong, and is bought by Jackie, the son of well-known councillor Kai. Kai hires Master Chan to examine the vase, but Chan accidentally releases the evil spirit. Master Cheung rushes to Hong Kong, but it is too late, the spirit already possesses Kai...

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short review:

You really should be used to these crude Chinese "vampire" flics. It's a wild blend of fantasy/horror parts, comedy elements (which aren't funny) and martial-arts stunts (obviously). The mentioned vampires are more kind of Yeti-lookalike supernatural demons or zombies, and the vampiric contents are only a few, if at all. Not funny, not good, not worth watching.

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