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Vem Var Dracula?

AKA's: Auf Den Spuren Draculas / Dracula's Transylvania / In Search Of Dracula / Legend Of Dracula, The

Genre: Documentary

Release date: 1974 USA/France/Sweden
Running time: 82' (cover 82') - Source: DVD (RC 0/NTSC)
Rating: Germ.: 12; US: PG
Main Crew: Director: Calvin Floyd (Sleep Of Death 1978; Victor Frankenstein 1977)
Producer: Aspekt Telefilm / SFP International
Score: Calvin Floyd
Writer: Yvonne Floyd (based on Radu Florescu & Raymond T. McNally's book "In
            Search Of Dracula")
Director of photography: Tony Forsberg


Summary: Nestled in the Carpathian Mountains of the Transylvanian region of Romania is the castle that once was the stronghold of Vlad Dracula. Indeed, Dracula did exist, but unlike the blood-sucking monster of popular myth, the real Dracula was a fifteenth century prince who tortured and killed thousands - savagely impaling his victims on sharpened spikes.
Christopher Lee (the actor who has portrayed the vampire more times than any other) traces the roots of the Dracula legend back to their horrifying historical origins. Based on the best-selling book by Raymond McNally and Radu Florescu, "In Search Of Dracula" exposes the fictional monster and his real-life counterpart, "Vlad the Impaler", while also showing for the first time on film the infamous Borgo Pass, vampire bats feasting on blood and exorcism rites for the undead.
Note: - Based on the book of the same name by Romanian scholars Raymond T. McNally and Radu Florescu (first published in 1972), and originally intended as an one-hour Swedish television special, Florescu and McNally also served as consultants on the film.
- In order to release the film theatrically, elements of the Frankenstein legend and segments involving human vampires were added, together with clips from several Dracula movies, and the film was transferred from 16mm to 35mm.
- Following his Dracula documentary, director Calvin Floyd prepared a similar feature called "In Search Of Frankenstein", but changed his plans and filmed "Victor Frankenstein" (1977) instead, a literate version based on Mary Shelley's horror classic, "Frankenstein".
- In addition to "In Search Of Dracula", McNally wrote "Dracula Was A Woman"
(published in 1983), a more focused treatment of Countess Bathory's story.
- Christopher Lee would go on to host another documentary, the 13-part TV series "100 Years Of Horror".
- An early episode of TV's "In Search Of..." series was entitled "In Search Of... Dracula" and was hosted by Star Trek's Leonard Nimoy.

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