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Vampire Raiders: Ninja Queen

AKA's: Unschlagbaren Supernieten, Die / Vampire Raiders, The

Release date: 1987 Hong Kong
Running time: 86' (cover 90') - Source: VHS PAL
Rating: Germ.: 16; US: NR
Main Crew: Director: Godfrey Ho (as Bruce Lambert) (Man Behind The Sun II 1992; Honor And
               Glory 1992: Ninja: The Violent Sorcerer 1986; Dragon, The Hero 1979)
Producer: Filmark International
Score: Sherman Chow
Writer: Godfrey Ho (as Antonin Gassner)
Director of photography: Ashley Morgan


Summary: Absolutely convinced that they have to engage themselves into the hotel industry, the underhanded "Black Ninja" forge an evil plan. They decide to kidnap Louis Benson, one of industries most important managers.
That brings the "White Ninjas" on the plan, who decide that the Ninjitsu experts Richard and Susan should bring their "Black" colleagues back to reason - when necessary, by force.
Completely unintentional the three telephone operators Betty, Elsie and Joyce get into big trouble when it is revealed that they had listened to a phone call not ment for their ears.
Pursued by Red, Black, White and Blue Ninjas they get the help of Susan and Richard - and together they give the crooks a good going over...

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