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Kulay Dugo Ang Gabi

AKA's: Blood Drinkers, The / Blood Is The Color Of Night / Color Of Night / Vampire People, The

Release date: 1966 Philippines/USA
Running time: 86' (cover 79') - Source: VHS NTSC
Rating: UK: 12; US: NR
Main Crew: Director: Gerardo De Leon (Curse Of The Vampires 1970; Brides Of Blood 1968; Tomb
               Of The Living Dead 1968)
Producer: Hemisphere Pictures
Score: Tito Arevalo
Writer: Cesar Amigo / Rico Bello Omagap
Director of photography: Felipe J. Sacdalan


Summary: A sinister bald vampire named Marco (Ronald Remy) shows up in a small village because the love of his life, Katrina (Amalia Fuentes), lies dying and Marco will do everything within his power to save her. He and his assistants set out to acquire the heart from his girlfriend's twin sister, Charito (also played by Amalia Fuentes). But by accident, Katrina drinks Marco's blood and becomes a vampire, while a professor and his friends try to put a stop to all this horror.
Note: - In the mid 60s, American Hemisphere Pictures was an independent film company that was known for a series of small-budget war films shot in the Philippines. "The Blood Drinkers" was the first vampire movie from the Philippines (followed by director De Leon's sequel "Curse Of The Vampires"), with elements of local folklore (Aswang / Mandurugo) such as a vampire will only suck the blood of loved ones (so it will go after family members first).
- Much of the film was shot in black and white and then tinted either red or blue (the vampire/night scenes), with full color scenes being reserved for the human characters.

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