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Desire, The Vampire

AKA's: I, Desire / Indagine Oltre Il Buio / Vampires N'Existent Pas, Les

Release date: 1982 USA
Running time: 95' - Source: VHS NTSC (TV-Copy)
Rating: US: NR
Main Crew: Director: John Llewellyn Moxey (The Night Stalker 1972; Circus Of Fear 1966; The City
               Of The Dead 1960)
Producer: Columbia Pictures
Score: Don Peake
Writer: Robert Foster
Director of photography: Robert L. Morrison


Summary: David Balsiger (David Naughton), a Los Angeles law student, who works as a coroner's assistant, can't understand why one of the corpses under his care has been drained of blood. As more bodies come in, he does some investigation on his own, which leads him into a near fatal confrontation with a decidedly female fiend. When his fellow morgue attendants get wind of the story, they play some morbid hoaxes on him. Balsiger is just starting to doubt his sanity when a priest shows up and confirms his suspicions. The priest, who has tracked the killer from its last murder spree in New Orleans, tells the young man what they are dealing with is more than a mere vampire. The beast is actually the demonic personification of lustful desire, trying to corrupt the souls of men. Only a truly righteous man can hope to resist the demon's wiles and thus combat it. Armed with this knowledge Balsiger sets forth to battle the beast in an all or nothing showdown of good versus evil...
Note: - Made for television film, featuring David Naughton (fresh from his performance in John Landis' "An American Werewolf In London") and Brad Dourif (who earned a Golden Globe Award for Best Acting Debut for his portayal of Billy Bibbit in Milos Forman's "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest").

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