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Schwanz Der Vampire, Der

Genre: Adult / Animated / Short

Release Date: ???
Running time: 23' (cover 30') - Source: VHS PAL
Rating: Germ.: 18
Main Crew: Director: n/a
Producer: Goldlight Filmproduction
Score: n/a
Writer: n/a
Director of Photography: n/a


Summary: While visiting an old castle, the tourist party is lead to the crypt of the Von Beißenstein. Terrific things are happening there. The virgin Gerlinde falls into a sound sleep. After dark, Leopold the snappy opens his tomb and rushes towards the lovely maiden. After being bitten by him, she terrorizes Transfussionien as a rapacious sex- vampire.

Our Ranking

short review:

This is an animtaed movie/cartoon. But don't expect anything Disney-like, it is strictly for adults. The movie is an animated hardcore vampire film - you will have a hard time finding something like that again ! On the other hand, it's not worth looking for it ! Bad animation, (unsuccesfully) trying to be funny, and very short - ok, that's the film's only credit point.

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