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Sangre De Virgenes

AKA's: Blood Of The Virgins / Red Horror / Il Sangue Delle Vergini

Release date: 1967 Argentina
Running time: 73' (cover 75') - Source: DVD (RC 0/PAL)
Rating: UK: 18; US: R
Main Crew: Director: Emilio Vieyra (The Curious Dr. Hump 1971; Feast Of Flesh 1967)
Producer: Associated Argent
Score: Victor Buchino
Writer: Emilio Vieyra
Director of photography: Anibal Gonzalez Paz


Summary: In 19th century Argentina, the mysterious Gustavo (Ricardo Bauleo) spoils Ofelia's (Susana Beltran) wedding night by killing her husband and turning her into his vampire bride. Fast forward to the Swinging Sixties, where a group of typical young hipsters party their way around a mountain resort until their bus runs out of gas and they have no choice but to stay at a creepy old mansion that is reputed to be haunted. One by one, the beautiful girls go missing, but when they return, they are not the same any more. When one of the girls, Laura (Gloria Prat), later re-appears on Raul's hotel room balcony in a state of shock, and displaying clear signs of a vampiric encounter, Raul sends for her brother, Tito. Tito decides that a return visit to the old lodge is the only way they will discover what is really wrong with Laura.
Note: - Argentina's first vampire film was banned in its country of origin - due to it's amount of sex and violence - for seven years (until 1974).
- Exploitation director (and former actor) Emilio Vieyra, a big fan of detective stories, shot a series of five sex & horror titles (including "La Venganza Del Sexo" aka "The Curious Dr. Humpp") back to back in the 1960's, with "Blood Of The Virgins" being the last in the line.
- Red-tinted shots of seagulls were used as a cheap alternative to the more traditional bats.

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