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Baron Of Darkness, The

AKA's: Baron Of Darkness 1 / De Sang Et De Sexe / Vampiri - Prima Parte

Genre: Adult

Release date: 1998 Hungary
Running time: 90' (cover 90') - Source: DVD (RC 0/PAL)
Rating: Germ.: 18; US: X
Main Crew: Director: Alessandro del Mar (as Max Bellocchio) (The Baron Of Darkness II 1998)
Producer: Mafilm Budapest
Score: Markus Stone Flax
Writer: Alessandro del Mar (as Max Bellocchio)
Director of photography: Zoli Aragnos


Summary: Today: A young woman wanders aimlessly through the park, pursued from the pitiful but also indignant looks of the people passing by. Her former beauty is hardly noticeable beyond her street-trash look. Distraught, she stares at the skies, muttering one name again and again: "Pierre!"...
The woman loses herself in the past, and the picture is changing into a night-black scene where a coffin is carried by some shady customers.
1640: Jean-Pierre (Zensa Raggi), son of a baron, grows up carefree in protected surroundings. As becoming a man, he discovers the big love during an excursion: the Contessa (Cassandra Dora ). It surprises him, but not really disturbs him, that he can meet his beloved only at night. When invited to the castle of Prince Van Der Holen (Remigio), the Contessa wants to change him into what she herself is - a creature of the dark, a vampire. But her deep love does not allow this. She spares him and is all the more shocked when she can't prevent cruel Prince Van Der Holen accomplish the cruel bloody deed.
From now on Jean-Pierre flits through the times as an undead bloodsucker, against his will he has to kill again and again. But one day he comes across the beautiful fashion designer Catherine (Madalina Ray), who just separates from her husband (Ron Jeremy). They fall passionately in love with each other - Catherine's life changes all in a sudden. Threat and desire are merging...

Our Ranking

short review:

Another film belonging to the sub-genre of adult vampire movies. An impressive scenario (as far as adult movies go) is created, with castles, bloody bites and mental control over the vampire's victims. Catacombs and lots of historical costumes are added for the credibility. Not really bad, but keep in mind: it's adult material with vampiric content!

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