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Baron Of Darkness 2, The

AKA: Max Bellocchio's The Baron Of Darkness II

Genre: Adult

Release date: 1998 Hungary
Running time: 103' (cover 110') - Source: DVD (RC 0/PAL)
Rating: Germ.: 18; US: X
Main Crew: Director: Alessandro del Mar (as Max Bellocchio) (The Baron Of Darkness 1995)
               Jack Crawler
Producer: Mafilm Budapest
Score: Major Production
Writer: Alessandro del Mar (as Max Bellocchio)
Director of photography: Tony Del Duomo


Summary: The Vampire Jean-Pierre (Zensa Raggi) has learned to use his powers - although they are originated in the dark - for the light. He helps the people wherever he can - however, bodies do cross his way eventually. Although he loves the people surrounding him, they always have to die. Is he cursed? A curse which makes him kill against his will? Is he not capable to get rid of his evil blood?

Our Ranking

short review:

The second part is slightly better than it's predecessor (if you're willing to use a term like "good" for vampire-related adult stuff). Again they surrounded the hardcore action with lots of cool settings and costumes, and again there's something like a plot in there. One of the better adult-vampire-movies, not without reason they've been granted several "Venus" and "European X" awards!

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