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Yi Mei Dao Gu  

Yat Mei Diy Goo [cantonese spelling]
Yi Mei Dao Gu [mandarin spelling]

AKA: Vampire Settle On Police Camp

Release date: 1990 Hong Kong
Running time: 72' - Source: DVD (RC 0/NTSC)
Rating: US: PG; HK: II
Main Crew: Director: Chan Jeung Wa (Half A Loaf Of Kung Fu 1980; Snake & Crane Arts Of
               Shaolin 1978; Shaolin Wooden Men 1976)
Producer: D & B Films
Score: n/a
Writer: Chan Wa / Chan Wai Chi
Director of photography: n/a


Summary: A family of ghosts arrive in a police barracks and do their spooky business. They were killed four generations ago by an earlier incarnation of the superintendent and are now back for revenge. The police commissioner (Eddy Ko Hung) won't tolerate such a thing and orders the cops to do something about the problem. Hence, Operation V.S.O.P. is formed, gathering nine goofy recruits (all born on an auspicious day) to fight off the supernatural visitors. Led by tough-as-nails Madam Lee (Sandra Ng), the team finds this a difficult task, considering their opponents' incredible martial arts skills.

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