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I Married A Vampire

AKA: Vampir, Mein Nagetier, Der

Release date: 1983 USA
Running time: 93' (cover 85') - Source: VHS NTSC.
Rating: Germ.: 12; UK: 15; US: NR
Main Crew: Director: Jay Raskin
Producer: Troma Team
Score: Steve Monahan
Writer: Jay Raskin
Director of photography: Oren Rudavsky


Summary: Have you ever wanted to get revenge on people who have mistreated, abused or violated you? Maybe you should consider marrying a vampire? One "friendly" visit from this legendary figure and all your enemies will be on your side...
That's just what Viola (Rachel Golden) did. A young, voluptuous woman from a small town, she ran away from parents who were driving her crazy to what she thought would be the open arms of the big city. Instead, her romantic notions were shattered by the reality and harshness of the innercity, a sleazy, deceitful world where nothing comes free or easy. That is, until she met Robespiere (Brendan Hickey) - a handsome and distinguished gentleman with a passion for fresh, warm blood. Though not your classic Ozzy and Harriet romance, Viola and Robespiere "live" happily ever after sharing tender love, sweet revenge and... tasty blood.

Our Ranking

short review:

One of the earlier Troma releases. The film looks a bit cheap (in fact, it is cheap), but this seems to be a traditional Troma trademark. And it's a nice movie too, good for some entertainment of a different kind. It takes one hour 'til the vampire comes into play, but in contrast to the ususal role description, he's a good and nice guy (at least most of the time), reciting Shakespeare and helping the lost girl to get her life straight again. Something really different from the usual plot. Cheap, but nice.

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