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Jing Sheng Jian Jiao  

Geng Sing Chim Giu [cantonese spelling]
Jing Sheng Jian Jiao [mandarin spelling]

AKA: Scaremonger

Release date: 2001 Hong Kong
Running time: 87' (cover 91') - Source: DVD (RC 0/NTSC)
Rating: HK: II B
Main Crew: Director: Aman Chang Chung-Tai (First Power 2000)
Producer: Dream Movie Entertainment / Tonrock International
Score: EMP
Writer: Johnny Lee Gwing Gaai
Director of photography: Chai Wing Fai


Summary: Yan (Myolie Wu) is on the search for the mythical Scaremonger, after learning about the creature online. She comes to Hong Kong, searching for the source of several mysterious deaths linked to the Scaremonger. It is believed that a kind of fungus from an ancient tree is the cause of these incidents. Joe (Sam Lee Chan-Sam) is another victim of this infection, and is about to turn into a vampire. With the help of Yan and one of Joe's friends, they must solve the clues, if they are going to save Joe's life.

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