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The Vampire Genre is not only a favorite theme among western filmmakers, but also in the famous asian film-industry. Although, even among the asian movies we have two different ways of interpreting the vampire-myth. The Hong Kong flicks use their own traditional kind of vampire. The Japanese movies are mostly Animes, with their well-known mix-up of different mythologies. A few older ones are real-movies as well, but they became very rare. We splitted up the following list into two groups: The animated and the real movies.

Real Movies
Animated Movies
Bandh Darwaza
The Closed Door
Chi O Suu Bara
Bloodsucking Rose / Bloodthirsty Roses, The / Evil Of Dracula
Chui Gwai Chat Hung
Trail, The
Dragon Against Vampire
Dugo Ng Vampira
Blood Of The Vampires / Creatures Of Evil / Curse Of The Vampires
Fei Zhou Han Shang
African Buddhist Monk / Crazy Safari / Gods Must Be Crazy 3, The / Jetzt Noch Mehr Verrückte Götter / Vampires Must Be Crazy
Gan Shi Xian Sheng
Vampire Controller
Gui Gan Bu
Red & Black
Jiang Shi Da Shi Dai
Era Of The Vampire /Tsui Hark's Vampire Hunters / Vampire Hunters
Jiang Shi Fu Xing Zai
Vampire Kids
Jiang Shi Gu Zu
Mr. Vampire 2
Jiang Shi Shu Shu
Mr. Vampire 4
Jiang Shi Xian Sheng
Mr. Stiff Corpse / Mr. Vampire
Jing Sheng Jian Jiao
Ji Su Jiang Shi
Vampire Combat, The
Jitters, The
Vampiro De Chinatown, O
Kaew Kon Lek
Immortal Enemy
Kai Xin Gui Jing Ling
Love Me Vampire
Kulay Dugo Ang Gabi
Blood Drinkers, The / Vampire People, The
Kyuketsuki Gokemidoro
Goke - Bodysnatcher From Hell
Legend Of The 7 Golden Vampires
7 Brothes Versus Dracula / Dracula And The Seven Golden Vampires / Last Warning, The / Seven Brothers Meet Dracula
Ling Chen Wan Can
Vampire's Breakfast
Ling Huan Xian Sheng
Mr. Vampire 3 / Mr. Vampire Et Les Demons De L'Enfer
Meng Gui Ba Wang Hua
Here Comes A Vampire
Moon Child
Noroi No Yakata: Chi Wo Suu Me
Bloodsucking Eyes / Dracula's Lust For Blood / House Of The Curse: Bloodthirsty Eyes / Japula / Lake Of Death / Lake Of Dracula
Onna Kyuketsuki
Lady Vampire, The / Vampire Man / Woman Vampire, The
Qian Ji Bian
Twins Effect, The / Vampire Effect, The
Robo Vampire
Robo Mercenary / Zombie Vampire
Shi Gu Chong Di
Mortuary Blues
Thirsty Dead, The
Blood Cult Of Shangri-La, The / Blood Hunt / They Thirst
Vampire Hookers
Cemetery Girls (1979) / Ladies Of The Night / Night Of The Bloodsuckers / Sensuous Vampires / Twice Bitten
Vampire Raiders: Ninja Queen
Unschlagbaren Supernieten, Die / Vampire Raiders, The
Xi Wo Yi Ge Wen
Romance Of The Vampires, The
Yi Mei Dao Gu
Vampire Settle On Police Camp
Yi Mei Dao Ren
Vampire Vs. Vampire
Yin Le Jiang Shi
Musical Vampire, The
Yi Yao OK
Bite Of Love, A
Yureiyashiki No Kyofu: Chi O Suu Ningyoo
Bloodsucking Doll / Fear Of The Ghost House: Bloodsucking Doll / Ghost Mansion's Horror, The: A Bloodsucking Doll / Legacy Of Dracula / Night Of The Vampire, The / Vampire Doll, The
Zhuo Gui Da Shi
Ninja Vampire Busters / Vampire Buster
Episode 3 of 3 from mini-series CYBER CITY OEDO 808
Blood: The Last Vampire
Descendants Of Darkness: Vampire's Lure
Inju Dai Toshi
Beast City / Sex Demon Metropolis: Vampire Madonna
Kiss Of Fire
Episode 1 of 4 from mini-series PHANTOM QUEST CORPORATION
Kyuketsuki Hunter D
Vampire Hunter D
Master Of Mosquiton - The Vampire
Mayonaka No Tantei Nightwalker
Nightwalker: Midnight Detective
Moonlight Rambler
Episode 5 from 8 Part Mini-Series BUBBLEGUM CRISIS
Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust
Vampire Princess Miyu
Vampire Princess Miyu (TV)
Vampire Tradition, The
Episode 5 from Mini-Series VISIONARY
Vampire Wars
Yami No Teio Kyuketsuki Dracula
Dracula (1980) / Dracula: Sovereign Of The Damned / Tomb Of Dracula