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Master Of Mosquiton: The Vampire

Genre: Animated

Release date: 1996 Japan
Running time: 169' (cover 180') - Source: 3 x VHS NTSC
Rating: US: NR/15 & up
Main Crew: Director: Hiroshi Negishi (Tenchi: The Movie 1996; Shadow Skill 1995)
Producer: Nippon Columbia / Zero-G-Room
Score: Osamu Tezuka
Writer: Satoru Akahori / Hiroshi Negishi / Sumio Uetake (based on the Manga by Tsutomu Isomata)
Director of photography: Motoaki Ikegami


Summary: When a teenaged tomb raider resurrects an undead vampire, the result is an incredible adventure that starts in 1920's London and takes off for the stars. Beautiful heiress Inaho wants to stay young forever, but when she awakens Mosquiton, becoming a vampire is the last thing on her mind. Instead she forces her unwilling, undead servant to help her find the O-Part, a legendary device that bestows eternal life upon the holder. Unfortunately, there are other supernatural beings seeking the O-Part, and when a mysterious pyramid appears in London, a desperate race begins with the O-Part as the prize!
From the streets of London to the decks of a strangely familiar cruise ship and back to Shanghai, there's no place that Inaho won't go in her quest for the fabulous O-Part. And of course, where Inaho goes, her blood-bound associate Mosquiton and his two pet demons have no choice except to follow. Unfortunately, there's a little detail from Mosquiton's past that's about to come and haunt Inaho with a vengeance, a horrifying wraith whose lust for blood is overcome by an even greater desire.
Teenaged tomb raider Inaho and her undead partner Mosquiton face off against the inhuman Rasputin, the world-devouring Star Lords, and the most terrifying threat of all - Mosquiton's extremely bitter ex-wife.


1: London Daikonran / Panic Over London
2: Yusei Fuyuu / Pyramid In The Sky
3: Nanyou Souguu / Encounter On The South Seas
4: Shanghai Sankakukankei / Shanghai Love Triangle
5: Kessen Zenya / On The Eve Of Battle
6: Kessen Zenya 2 / On The Eve Of Battle 2

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