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Mayonaka No Tantei Nightwalker

AKA: Nightwalker: Midnight Detective

Genre: Animated

Release date: 2000 Japan
Running time: 314' (cover 360') - Source: 2 x DVD (RC 0/NTSC)
Rating: US: NR/13 & up
Main Crew: Director: Kiyori Sasano / Yutaka Kagawa
Producer: AIC / BeStack / Bandai Visual / Mitsubishi Corporation
Score: Akifumi Tada
Writer: Ryota Yamaguchi / Genki Yoshimura / Toji Gobu
Director of photography: Akio Tada


Summary: A vampire without a past, Shido's a midnight detective who specializes in solving murders. With a beautiful, impetuous policewoman hot on his tail, he races to solve the secrets of his fellow Nightbreed - before the city life goes straight to Hell!
Even the most hideous demons can love… and our most cherished loved ones can be monsters. Now, Shido's ward is seduced by a bloodthirsty fiend. Stripped of her soul, she will become a pawn of Shido's oldest foe, the vampire who has stolen his memory! But if he destroys this creature, will he ever regain the secrets of his past?


1. A Visitor In The Night
2. The Terms Of Stardom
3. A Man On The Run
4. The Golden Dawn
5. Medicine For The Dead
6. The Bottom Of A Well
7. A Mother And Her Son
8. A Soul Lost In The Darkness
9. Someone Else's Face
10. Tears Of An Angel
11. A Witch In The Forrest
12. Eternal Darkness

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