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Moonlight Rambler
Episode 5 from 8 Part Mini-Series BUBBLEGUM CRISIS

Genre: Animated

Release date: 1988 Japan
Running time: 44' (cover 45') - Source: DVD (RC 2/PAL)
Rating: Germ.: 16; UK: 12; US: NR
Main Crew: director: Masami Obari (Battle Arena Toshinden 1997)
producer: Artmic / Youmex / AIC
score: Kouji Makaino
writer: Suzuki Toshimichi
director of photography: Akihiko Takahashi


Summary: MegaTokyo 2033 A.D. A group of young women make a desperate Escape from an orbiting industrial complex and crash-land a stolen space shuttle on the outskirts of MegaTokyo. Priss finds a new friend, but what secret is she hiding? Could it have anything to do with the recent rash of "Vampire" murders ? Or is that the result of skulduggery at GENOM? Who is the mysterious Largo, who seems to know altogether too much about the Knight Sabers? And just where is D.D., a semi-intelligent battlesuit with an atomic deadman switch? AD Police and the Knight Sabers race to gather the clues, and the result is a countdown to... thermonuclear destruction.
Will the Knight Sabers be equal to their greatest challenge?

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short review:

From anime point-of-view, "Bubblegum Crisis" is a cool cyberpunk series with many references to Ridley Scott's great "Blade Runner" movie. But the vampiric elements in this episode (Moonlight Rambler) are not enough to make it really satisfying for fans of the bloodsucker genre. If you like animes, you'll love "Bubblegum", if you watch it for Dracula-like story elements, this won't be your cup of tea!

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